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Want to Promote Development? Fight AIDS

Director of World Bank Global HIV/AIDS Program discusses magnitude of a long-term epidemic, strategies for saving lives.

Making Up for Minamata

Japanese literary scholar Keiko Kanai reviews a half-century of social activism on the issue of compensation for the people of Minamata, Japan, a bayside town poisoned by industrial waste in 1955.

Students Take Action to Fight AIDS

The focus of this year's World AIDS Day was to raise awareness locally as well as shed light on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

He cares for tortured and enslaved among immigrants

UCLA Today profiles psychiatrist who works with patients from 25 countries.

Fighting HIV in the Golden Triangle

UCLA researchers find grassroots approaches to curbing the spread of HIV in China and Vietnam.

The Ambassador's Role

The U.S. ambassador to Benin discusses the U.S. agenda, the Beninese ethos, and the trials of his vocation.

"I Was One of the Lucky Ones. I Lost Nothing."

UCLA senior Audrey Desiderato survived the December 26 tsunami while scuba-diving off a Thai island. Here she reflects on the experience and on the immense losses suffered by others.

Tsunami Still Taking Toll: Indonesian Military Combines Relief with Executing Rebels, while Sri Lankan Fishermen Face Loss of Livelihood

UCLA professors say relief efforts hurt by prexisting conditions in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

UCLA Holds Briefing on Indian Ocean Tsunami

Expert panel looks at political problems in relief work, priorities in rescue and reconstruction efforts, and what aid workers and NGOs actually do.

People Who Saved the Lives of Others during the Bosnian War

Tito's granddaughter, Svetlana Broz, records the testimonies of people protected by good samaritans in a terrible time.

UCLA Student Engineers Help Build Clinic in Thailand

by Chris Sutton, UCLA Today

Combating TB Is Central to the Fight Against HIV, WHO Doctor Warns

Dr. Marcos Espinal calls for uniting anti-HIV and anti-TB programs to stem the health crisis in Africa, India, China, and the former Soviet Union.

The Dark Side of Globalization: Trafficking & Transborder Crime to, through, and from Eastern Europe

A forum on trafficking of humans and human organs.

Teaching Militarists How to Cover Their Tracks

Harvard legal scholar David Kennedy discusses his recent book, The Dark Sides of Virtue: Reassessing International Humanitarianism.

Treating the Victims in Liberia's Civil War

Dr. Andrew Schechtman reports on his two tours of duty during the revolt against Charles Taylor.

Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking in Japan

UCLA Anthropologist reports that one injured woman in seven who is hospitalized in Japan is the victim of spousal violence, while 100,000 women a year are imported as sex workers from poor Asian countries.

Multinational Delegation Meets with UCLA Africa Experts on Malaria

20 health professionals from 19 countries including 12 in Africa consult on control of killer disease during U.S. visit.

SARS and Asia: Public Health, Political, Social, and Economic Implications

Having taken the lives and livelihoods of many, SARS reminds the rest of us of how interconnected our lives and economies have become. This Asia Institute-sponsored symposium helped many learn more about SARS and how it is affecting Asia -- and us.

The Soviet Famine of 1931-33: Politically Motivated or Ecological Disaster?

Stephen Wheatcroft, Professor of History, University of Melbourne, Australia, presented new information on the famine based on extensive archival data now available on the tragedy of the Soviet countryside, in a talk sponsored by the Center for European & Eurasian Studies on May 5, 2003.

U.S. Needs Partnership with Africa to Stop Spread of AIDS, Former Zambian President Kaunda Tells UCLA Meeting

Kenneth Kaunda, founding president of Zambia from 1964 to 1991, made an impassioned call for international solidarity against the "scourge of HIV/AIDS" February 27.

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