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AIDS Fight Needs Course Correction, Say Panelists

Prescriptions for combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe include increased funding, focus on local disease drivers, and reassertion of public health goals over political concerns.

Crisis Persists in El Salvador

Fifteen years after El Salvador's civil war, says Blanca Flor Bonilla, a member of the Legislative Assembly, extreme poverty is promoting organized crime, mass emigration, and the disintegration of families.

Promises in AIDS Fight Not Met

Focusing on Africa, former UN envoy Stephen Lewis expresses amazement at the passivity of the international community as the HIV/AIDS epidemic traumatizes women, creates orphans, and continues on its decades-long path of devastation. Listen to a Podcast of his speech.

Roots of Epidemic Still Go Unaddressed

Debrework Zewdie, the director of the Global HIV/AIDS Program at the World Bank, argues that efforts to fight the pandemic will come up short as long as "fundamental drivers" such as poverty, gender inequality, and the marginalization of high-risk groups are not dealt with. Listen to a Podcast of her speech.

Allende's Shadow Fading, Says Venezuelan Ambassador

Bernardo Álvarez Herrera, who represents Venezuela and Hugo Chávez in Washington, says his country's break from the U.S.-endorsed model of economic policy in Latin America is giving the region hope that democracies can enact "revolutionary change." He faults the United States for upholding a "double standard" on terrorism and not minding its energy consumption.

Network-Builder Describes Role in Brazil's TV Globo

The American pioneer of a powerhouse Brazilian television network tells his story at UCLA.

Joseph Wallach on the Beginnings of TV Globo

The American pioneer of a powerhouse Brazilian television network tells his story at UCLA.

A World of Conflict

Listen to a UCLAradio story about a documentary screening by Kevin Sites, a pioneering solo journalist for Yahoo! News, on war zones around the world. The event was presented by AsiaMedia, sponsored by the UCLA International Institute, Latin American Center, African Studies Center and Asia Institute.

Online Conflict Reporting Hits the Big Screen

Pioneering solo journalist Kevin Sites screens his film about the civilian cost of war.

Women Politicians from Mexico Advocate Change

Representatives of four Mexican political groupings discuss the limited participation of women in politics and seek to build on reforms.

Tackling an Invisible Invader

A local center of excellence could not only diagnose and treat patients with Chagas disease, but also focus on other imported infections unfamiliar to most area physicians.

LAC Hosts High-Level Forum for Taxers and Spenders

Budgeting at federal and various "local" levels is a high-stakes game, particularly in Latin America and the rest of the developing world. Last month, the UCLA Latin American Center and the Institute convened players for a first major conference on fiscal federalism.

Here to Havana

Ben Caldwell, a filmmaker, CalArts faculty member, and founder of a community arts organization, wants to change attitudes about language and race. Caldwell's guest lecture was part of a course on African Ethnographic Film taught by Professor David Blundell.

Princes of the Great Plains

They called themselves Ethiopians and religious leaders. UCLA Professor of History Robert Hill says we can learn from these imposters.

Cuba Overheard

Elizabeth Dore's two-year project aims to let Cubans speak for themselves. She shared her findings at UCLA on Jan. 12.

Book Takes on Neoliberalism

"Pedagogy and Praxis in the Age of Empire" incorporates insights about the current effects of global capitalism culled from McLaren and Jaramillo's recent conversations with teachers, scholars and social activists in Colombia, Israel and the Palestinian territories, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Brazilian Justice Speaks on Race, UCLA Book

Joaquim Barbosa Gomes, the first Afro-Brazilian Justice on Brazil's Supreme Court, and three panelists praised a UCLA sociologist for his award-winning book. The panel discussed racial inequality in Brazil.

Venezuelan Higher Ed Ministry Names Chair for UCLA Professor

Also in September, Toronto-based Chopbox Magazine created the Peter L. McLaren Foundation for Social Change.

Unknown Voices from Argentina

Photographer Patrick Liotta and Mapuche Indian performer Beatriz Pichi Malen tell of the Mapuche people's bravery and determination in confronting wars, poverty, and domination by various groups.

Speaker Discusses Latin American Politics

The two-hour event with Tariq Ali was co-sponsored by the UCLA Latin American Center.

Art Intersects with Life at the Fowler

"Intersections: World Arts, Local Lives" features some 250 objects from the Fowler's permanent collection--the art of Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.

For the Grins

The question of why to study the Quechua language has any number of easy answers.

K-12 Teachers Seek Out Lesson in African-Latin American Links

A ten-day workshop for local educators provides much-needed evidence that heritages of Latina/o and African American students intersect.

Speaker Series Measures Laws' Reach in Americas, Beyond

'Transnational moral entrepreneur' and founder of Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadelmann steps back from anti-drug-war stance to look historically at intersection of crime control and international relations. The UCLA Latin American Center is co-sponsoring lectures tied to law school course on globalization.

UCLA Center for Korean Studies Receives $1.2 Million Grant from the Academy of Korean Studies

The grant money will be provided over a five-year period to be used for establishing a network with Korean studies specialists in Latin America and for strengthening the Korean studies program at UCLA.

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