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Sondhi's 'New Time' Journalism

In an on-camera interview with AsiaMedia, media mogul and anti-Thaksin activist Sondhi Limthongkul said corruption in Thailand has forced his news reporting into a journalism-activism hybrid.

Journalist Discusses Recent Thai Coup

Sondhi Limthongkul speaks on campus about what led to the government’s overthrow by the military. The talk was sponsored by the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies.

Content-based Materials for Heritage Learners of Filipino

A team of Filipino language instructors, some based at UCLA, have developed content-based instructional materials for a complete introductory Filipino course for heritage learners.

Film Captures Vietnam-Israel Connection

The UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies and the UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies present a documentary recounting the true story of Vietnamese immigrants to Israel.

Thailand's Former Foreign Minister Looks to the Future

Kantathi Suphamongkohn says he saw the coup coming, but does not yet know what his next move will be.

Professor Fights to Save Records

The records Robinson compiled during his time in East Timor have contributed to a larger record of archives collected by the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation, which collects records of the 25-year Indonesian occupation of East Timor.

Records of East Timor, 1999

UCLA historian Geoffrey Robinson is leading a mission to save evidence of a young nation's turbulent birth and working through his own memories of violence.

International Artists Converge at UCLA

Commissioned by the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance, APPEX is a six-week artist residency program for music, dance and theater that fosters artistic collaboration and promotes creative cultural discoveries through an intensive summer workshop series suited for professional artists. CSEAS is a co-sponsor of the program.

APPEX Artists Gear Up for Music, Dance Performances

Collaboration by artists visiting UCLA from Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the USA culminates in shows from July 19 to Aug. 11. The Center for Southeast Asian Studies is a co-sponsor.

Video Available of Roland B. Tolentino speaking on 'Diaspora as Historical/Political Trope in Philippine Literature.'

Watch the University of the Philippines Film Institute professor speaking to a UC-Berkeley audience. Tolentino was also CSEAS Distinguished Visitor at UCLA in February 2006.

US Dept. of Education Grants $1.7 Million Over 4 Years to Support UCLA Asian Studies Graduate Students

East Asian and Southeast Asian Studies students will compete for $423,500 each year in fellowship funds.

Indonesia, Democracy, and Playboy

M. Din Syamsuddin, president of one of Indonesia's largest Muslim organizations, talks about the future of his country at UCLA.

Diary Offers Window into French Indochina

A chance encounter with a rare original source took a professor and his students on a captivating journey through Vietnam. In a colloquium at UCLA, Bucknell U's David Del Testa and Los Angeles educators discuss how to share a 19-year-old woman's personal story with K-12 students.

Q&A: Lucy Burns

UCLA Filipino American theater expert says teaching is like performance, and scholarship and activism go hand in hand.

Southeast Asian Dancers Illuminate New Course

A theory course in the Department of World Arts and Culture brings practicing dancers from Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia into the classroom.

Vietnamese-American Dreams

Journalist Andrew Lam introduces his first book, Perfume Dreams: Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora.

Fighting HIV in the Golden Triangle

UCLA researchers find grassroots approaches to curbing the spread of HIV in China and Vietnam.

On the Edge of Vietnam's Forests

Cari Coe's research inhabits the space where protected forests, politics, and poverty meet.

Women's Political Role on Rise in Philippines

But gains are too modest, says Prosperina Tapales, professor at the University of the Philippines.

Breaking the Mold

Art historian and museum curator Robert Brown takes over as director of the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies and Chair of the Interdepartmental Degree Program in Southeast Asian Studies.

UCLA Graduates Its Third Class of Southeast Asian Studies Majors

They come from different places and are headed down different paths, but share a love for Southeast Asia.

The Missing Histories of the Hmong

UCLA Hmong Americans search for their place on campus and their place in the history books.

UCLA Hmong Students "Giving Voice to Hmong American Experiences"

One UCLA Hmong student leader says the recent Hmong American academic conference shows that there is material and demand to introduce Hmong studies into the curriculum.

Hajj Histories: Stories from Southeast Asian Pilgrims

A Cornell professor takes the leap from sundry to spiritual in his quest to discover the ancient Islamic pillar of faith.

Augusto Espiritu launches new book Five Faces of Exile at UCLA

UCLA alumnus breaks stereotypes in his intellectual history of prominent Filipino American writers.

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