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Mantle Hood Receives USINDO Award

Founder of the Institute of Ethnomusicology at UCLA, Emeritus Professor Mantle Hood has recently been awarded the USINDO award for his significant contribution to the United States-Indonesian bilateral relationship. The award was given to him in Washington D.C on September 12, 2002 at the second annual USINDO dinner to celebrate bilateral ties. In attendance at the dinner were the Indonesian minister of foreign affairs and various U.S. congressional members.

Talking Peace

by President Jimmy Carter, 2002 Nobel Peace Prize awardee from a speech given 2001 at the Burkle Center for International Relations.

Yegor Gaidar: Russia Has Done Better than You Think

Why has the Russian economy done so badly in the transition to a market system since the end of the Soviet Union in 1991? For Yegor Gaidar, former Russian Prime Minister and a powerful figure in current Russian economic policy, this is the wrong question. For Gaidar the question should be how did Russia do as well as it has, and escape the complete economic collapse that threatened to overwhelm it at several junctures over the last decade?

Home and Abroad: A Diplomat Speaks on US Policy to Hometown L.A.

A State Department sponsored program that sends diplomats to their hometowns brings a top official and former Angeleno to speak to local groups on home turf.

World in Focus TV Program

A four-part television series produced by UCLA International Studies, The UCLA Burkle Center for International Relations, and Adelphia Communications.

UNAM Rector Proposes New Agenda for International Collaboration

“We need to educate our students and ourselves to become better global participants, able to understand other people on their own terms while also deepening an appreciation for our own heritages. Globalization aided by the development of intercultural competence offers such a promise.”

John N. Hawkins to Head Center for International and Development Education at UCLA

Former ISOP dean will lead research on reform, change and strategy in global higher education

Kyoto Protocol Said to Harm Effort to Stop Global Warming--But There Is Something Better

Marco Verweij, senior research fellow at the Max Planck Project Group on Common Goods, Bonn, urges abandonment of the Kyoto project and its replacement with a crash program to develop cheap renewable energy technologies.

UCLA Samahang Pilipino Cultural Night, May 19, 2002

Cast of 300 enthralls audience of 2,500 at Royce Hall for 25th annual performance of Filipino music and dances. Skit probes tense relations between the Philippines and developed countries.

Roots of the Economic Crisis in Post-Democratization Korea

In the decade before the crash of 1997 South Korea witnessed unprecedented growth and an extraordinary level of popular agreement on national goals. Why, then, were the government and corporations blindsided by the impending crash? A Korean scholar suggests an answer.

Advisory for Wednesday-Thursday, May 29-30: Bioterrorism: From Foreign Policy to Local Preparedness

Experts to Discuss Political, Clinical and Practical Issues of "Bioterrorism in the New World Order"

China and Japan: Where Are They Headed?

How serious is the recession in Japan? What are China's prospects for achieving democracy? Will China and Japan form an East Asian superpower? Three prominent authorities look at the answers.

Constructive Suggestions on Kashmir Conflict Emerge at UCLA Conference

Despite a ruckus between unruly hardliners, a recent conference on the conflict in Kashmir represented a general sense of cooperation and a willingness to seek consensus.

Britain's Growing Collaboration with the European Union on a Pan-Europe Defense System

Tony Blair commits Britain to join the EU in creating a 200,000 troop military that can deploy 60,000 troops on immediate notice.

Advisory for Friday, May 3: Experts Speak on Global and National Security, Civil Rights

Experts to Meet at UCLA to Discuss Security and Civil Rights in United States, Europe, Middle East

Advisory for Thursday, April 25: Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell to Speak

Robert A. Mundell, recipient of the 1999 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, will speak on "Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies and Economic Development" when he delivers the 6th annual Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture on Economic Development.

CERS Welcomes Visiting Scholars

From the European Union to the Interlinguistic Study of the News

Decentralization Didn't Work in Argentine Education Historian Says

World Bank plan to decentralize Argentina's education system did more harm than good Buenos Aires historian tells educators at UCLA.

UCLA International Hosts LA -Based Foreign Diplomats

Annual Consular Corps October 11, 2001

The Enlargement of the European Union -- What Will It Mean?

On May 17 international experts will gather at UCLA for a conference on the coming expansion of the EU, a move intended to increase European and global stability.

UCLA International Hosts L.A. Preview Screening of Bringing Down A Dictator

The extraordinary story of the overthrow of the Butcher of the Balkans by an avowedly nonviolent group of student revolutionaries is captured in a one-hour documentary film premiering nationally on Sunday, March 31 on PBS.

Bioterrorism: How Has It Been Used? What Can It Do? How Prepared Are We?

UCLA specialist in infectious diseases outlines the history of bioterror and assesses our available responses.

Gorbachev Warns Los Angeles Meeting of Impending Crisis in World Water Supplies; Panelists Discuss Dangers of Global Warming

Two hundred people at environmental conference hear expert panel on impacts and causes of global warming. Former Soviet President points to Middle East as especially at risk of deadly drought.

Humanitarian Action Post 9/11: Doctors Without Borders Head Speaks Out

Nicolas de Torrenté, executive director of Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), spoke about the challenges facing humanitarian aid agencies.

Warren Christopher Gives Mixed Marks for Bush Foreign Policy

On January 23 former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher delivered the 22nd Bernard Brodie Distinguished Lecture for the Conditions of Peace. Sponsored annually by the Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations, this year’s lecture focused on a one-year assessment of the Bush administration's foreign policy.

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