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Zen for Sale

Art historian Kendall Brown explains how the Ryoanji stone garden in Kyoto, Japan, became a commercialized symbol of Zen Buddhism.

Former Students, Colleagues Honor Historian Silverberg at Symposium

Miriam R. Silverberg joined the UCLA faculty in 1990 and retired in 2005. Her scholarship on modern Japanese history is influencing the work of historians today.

Lyman's Life and Law

U of Arizona's Timothy Vance examines the life of the American mining engineer and accidental linguist Benjamin Smith Lyman.

Lasting Support for UCLA Buddhist Studies

Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai America establishes the Yehan Numata Endowment at the UCLA Center for Buddhist Studies and pledges 10 years of additional support. The new funds will bring distinguished visitors and enhance graduate education.

National Identity in Postmodern Japanese Dance

U of Tokyo's Tadashi Uchino discusses the birth of Butoh dance and the performance of "children's" bodies in postmodern Japanese dance.

Panels Assess Prospects on Korea Peace Day

One scholar says the United States needs to adopt an approach that allows North and South Korea to normalize relations quickly.

Journalism and Asia: Career Reflections

Syndicated Asia columnist Tom Plate and former United Press International and Dow Jones reporter James F. Paradise discuss coverage of Asia in the media

At UCLA, Mongolia's First Lady Seeks Ties with 'Third Neighbor'

Tsolmon Onon Enkhbayar addresses UCLA scholars and members of L.A.'s Mongolian community.

Architecture in Context

World-renowned architect Hitoshi Abe, the new chair of the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, discusses his fascination with Los Angeles' environs and Japanese-influenced structures.

Oak to Spearhead English-Language Studies of Korean Christianity

This summer Sung-Deuk Oak, a UCLA faculty member in Asian Languages and Cultures, was chosen to be the first scholar funded under the Dong Soon Im and Mi Ja Im endowment. He'll be charged with telling a remarkable story in the history of religion.

Richard Baum: The Political Impact of China's Information Revolution

Scholar traces the explosion of new media-facilitated forums and examines how the government seeks, with limited success, to limit open discussion.

New Terasaki Center Director Studies Japan's Changing Political Landscape

Political scientist Michael Thies sets current Japanese politics in context and discusses his plans as director of the Paul I. and Hisako Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies at UCLA

Anderson Students Go Global

The Anderson School, in partnership with the National University of Singapore, offers an executive MBA program which gives students an opportunity to further their business studies in a global context. Students travel to four cities on two continents for classes.

Q&A: Cheris Chan

A UCLA Global Fellow explains how Chinese people's inhibitions about discussing premature death have made it hard, but not impossible, for a life insurance market to develop in the country.

The Difficult Questions

62 years after bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, documentarian Stephen Okazaki tells the stories of survivors in modern cities that are struggling to remember their horrific pasts.

Latin American Scholars Meet over Kimchi

A conference this month in Koreatown was the first step in bridging studies of Korea carried out in North and South America. Under a five-year grant, UCLA Korean studies researchers and their Latin American colleagues are planning collaboration and exchanges.

307 Degrees Conferred by International Institute in 2006-07

View a slideshow of the 2007 International Institute Graduation Ceremony (Flash plug-in required). Speakers included retired Gen. Wesley K. Clark.

Predicting DPJ's Defeat

Cornell's Robert Weiner explains why the opposition Democratic Party of Japan will keep losing to the Liberal Democratic Party in Japanese politics.

Schoolgirl as Femme Fatale

Stanford's Indra Levy discusses the development of the schoolgirl figure as a femme fatale in modern Japanese literature.

International Institute Staffers Honored

This year's Excellence in Service Awards went to an enthusiast about Japanese (and other) cultures and a strong supporter of students working for a better Africa.

Historian Notehelfer Honored for Leadership in Japanese Studies

Fred G. Notehelfer directed the UCLA Center for Japanese Studies for 16 years and co-directed an East Asian Studies consortium in Southern California for 20 years. He will continue teaching at UCLA for another year before retiring.

Portrait of a Painter as a Patriot

Columbia Japanologist Donald Keene examines the life of painter Watanabe Kazan.

Leading Buddhist Studies Program Eyes Tibetan Gap

Center events on Tibetan Buddhism are part of an effort to create a UCLA chair in the field. On May 23, a high-ranking Buddhist abbot and a U of Michigan professor will read the poetry of a modern Tibetan monk in the original language and in English translation.

Web Journalists Keep Discerning Eye on Asia

AsiaMedia's focus on global dimensions will be evident on April 27 when it will screen a documentary film by Yahoo! News reporter Kevin Sites about his solo journeys across 22 war zones over a year.

Kirino Discusses Novel, Women's Rights

Wrapping up a U.S. book tour, Japanese writer Natsuo Kirino reads from her novel 'Grotesque' and considers women's plight in Japanese society.

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