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Hanamori Yasuji and the politics of post-war Japanese culture

Hirotaka Kasai discussed the work of Japanese magazine editor Hanamori Yasuji and the politics of everyday life in postwar and contemporary Japan.

Modern legal profession in China is only 35 years old

The rapidly growing legal profession in China is exerting a profound influence on the country’s economy, society and politics, says Peng Xuefeng, chairman of the Beijing-based Dacheng Law Offices.

Rising tension in the East China Sea

At a recent Burkle Center event, regional experts agreed that China's new air defense zone in the East China Sea signaled deepening mistrust in the region, but disagreed as to whether it represented a strategic move or a foreign policy miscalculation.

New Course for Winter: Water and the City in Asia

EAS 291A

Prepare for North Korea to endure, not collapse

North Korea has always been a maverick Marxist-Leninist regime, following a distinctly nationalist path. Having survived both the normalization of U.S.-Chinese relations and the collapse of the USSR, don't expect it to collapse any time soon, said Charles Armstrong, professor of history at Columbia University.

Graduate student "localizes" Shanghailander exhibit at UCLA Hillel

Julie Kalmar, a UCLA graduate student in Information Studies at UCLA, seized the opportunity to add a local dimension to the “Jewish Refugees in Shanghai (1933-1941)" exhibit at the UCLA Hillel.

Humanities facing difficult challenges in both U.S. and Chinese universities

The study of the humanities is facing difficult challenges in both the United States and China, although the nature of these challenges differ.

Daoist visual culture: Images of the inner and outer worlds

A lecture on the visual culture of Daoism by Shih-shan Susan Huang, illustrated with a multitude of drawings from historical texts, focused on the polarization of "inner" and "outer" images.

Renaming the Tripitaka Koreana?

Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies Robert Buswell calls for renaming the Korean Buddhist canon to distinguish it from the Indian Tripitaka, given that its contents range far beyond that of the Indian canon.

Teachers from China overcome culture shock in the classroom

Chinese teachers training to teach in the United States find that they need to develop more learner-centered teaching techniques for American students. After six weeks of preparation in Beijing, followed by two weeks at UCLA, they disperse to states across the country to teach Chinese.

Buddhism course has enduring appeal for UCLA undergrads

"Introduction to Buddhism" is a popular UCLA course that regularly fills up whenever it is offered.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block signs agreement with Taiwan

An agreement between UCLA and the government of Taiwan, signed July 5 in Taipei, will fund the Spotlight Taiwan Program at the Center for Chinese Studies.

The China-Taiwan cross-strait relationship: Stable, but fragile

In the past five years, China and Taiwan have succeeded in stabilizing their relationship to the benefit of both. Most progress has been in the economic and cultural spheres, with political issues left aside for the moment. A recent Center for Chinese Studies conference examined how China, Taiwan and the United States view the increasingly complex trilateral relationship.

Los Angeles Times highlights Korean documentary

The directors of the documentary film "Memory of Forgotten War" were interviewed in the Los Angeles Times prior to the screening of their film at the UCLA James Bridges Theater on May 8. The film was one of two documentaries that opened the "Ending the Korean War" conference organized by the UCLA Center for Korean Studies, May 8–10.

Two UCLA faculty awarded Guggenheim Fellowships

The Complicated Lives of Gay Men in South Korea

According to anthropologist John Cho, single gay men in South Korea retreated from gay life in the wake of the 1997 Asian banking crisis and began to concentrate on making money, while married gay men became much more active in the gay community.

Accolades for Collected Works of Korean Buddhism

The Jogye Order’s “The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism” series has appeared on a list of “The Best Buddhist Books of 2012” published by The Buddhadharma magazine. Robert Buswell (Irving and Jean Stone Endowed Chair in Humanities, Distinguished Professor of Buddhist Studies, and Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies) served as chair of the English Editorial Board for the series as well as a translator and editor.

Tokyo's Mad Men: New UCLA book explores antics of Japanese avant-garde in 1960s

They threw random possessions off rooftops, made printed copies of Japanese currency and perpetrated odd "happenings" in commuter trains that left Tokyo residents scratching their heads.

Pioneer in HIV/AIDS research works on a global scale

When he was an undergraduate student at Harvard University in 1958, Roger Detels spent three months as an exchange student in Kanazawa, Japan. As one of the first few Americans in Kanazawa after the war, Detels — today a UCLA distinguished professor of epidemiology and infectious diseases — still recalls with amusement many of his experiences with his Japanese host family.

UCLA professor translated volumes of Korean Buddhist text, inspired by past as a monk

Brushing dust off a thick, bound 14th century volume, Professor Robert Buswell stood in his office, surrounded by a chronicled literary history of ancient Buddhist culture.

How to Turn Philosophical Ideas into Diagrams: Chinese Approaches and Insights

A public lecture by Dr. Michael Lackner. The presentation will shed some light on possible precedents of this new form of diagrams and give an introduction into the multi-faceted functioning of diagrams on the basis of selected material.

The New People in the People’s Republic: Protesters in Housing Disputes in Urban China, 1980-2010

Professor Qin SHAO examines urban protestors and their evolving identities by exploring what was demolished in old neighborhoods and what, besides highrises, has risen in their ruins.

Coming to the “cave of the tiger” leads man to the home of the Bruins

U.S. Army Major Jin Park left home at 14 determined to find success in the United States. He will soon graduate from UCLA with a master's degree in East Asian studies, which he will use in his new assignment as a security assistance officer at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul.

Media and Culture in Contemporary China: Highlights Video

Highlight video from the October 21 conference held at UCLA.

Media and Culture in Contemporary China: The View from the Academy

Videocast of Session 1 from the October 21 conference held at UCLA.

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