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Memories of Revolt: New Autobiographical Writing from Egypt

A lecture by Elliott Colla, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

On Rereading: An Investigation into French Literary Practices Today

A public lecture by Laure Murat, UCLA, French and Francophone Studies.

Burkle Center program aids young filmmakers in “Chance of a Lifetime”

In its first project, the Burkle Global Impact Initiative helped a group of young documentary filmmakers learn about the Millennium Development Goals.

Podcast: Xinjiang in Central Asian and World History

Eurasian Empires Seminar Series Lecture by James Millward, Georgetown University

World, the Text and the Wonderful Life: The Pioneering Spirit of Early Persian Poetry

A lecture by Dr. Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak, University of Maryland. Part of the UCLA CNES and Program of Iranian Studies Bilingual Lecture Series.

Waiting to be heard — and read — in English

For José Luiz Passos, winning two of the most prestigious literary awards in Brazil is only the beginning of a long journey to find an American publisher.

Filipino-English magazine reaches its ninth year with help from a FLAS student

The online magazine Liwanag at Dilim is produced in Filipino and English each year by UCLA lecturer Nenita Pambid Domingo and her intermediate Filipino class.

The multiple legacies of Edward Said

The impact of Edward Said’s work on the fields of literature, law, politics and history was considered by a recent conference of the Center for Near Eastern Studies.

The Pagan Arabs as Godfearers

A keynote lecture by Patricia Crone, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study.

Work of UCLA Confucius Institute highlighted in new video

The "Chinese Alive!" program at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles — a partnership between the UCLA Confucius Institute and the Foundation of Black Eyed Peas' performer, is featured in a new video made by UCLA graduate film student Lucretia Stinette.

Graduate student "localizes" Shanghailander exhibit at UCLA Hillel

Julie Kalmar, a UCLA graduate student in Information Studies at UCLA, seized the opportunity to add a local dimension to the “Jewish Refugees in Shanghai (1933-1941)" exhibit at the UCLA Hillel.

World Journal interviews authors of the "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism"

Robert Buswell and Donald S. Lopez, Jr., distinguished professors of Buddhist studies at UCLA and the University of Michigan, respectively, are interviewed about their newly published "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism," a reference work that defines major terms across the spectrum of Buddhist lineages.

Ten misconceptions about Buddhism

Buddhist scholars Robert E. Buswell, Jr., and Donald S. Lopez, Jr. — authors and and co-editors of the "Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism" — put paid to a number of false beliefs about Buddhism in a short article in Tricycle magazine.

Medicine, literature and the power of epiphany

Using stories, pictures and citations from literature to illustrate his points, writer-physician Abraham Verghese emphasized the way in which literature can help physicians cultivate the humanist, healing aspect of medicine.

Humanities facing difficult challenges in both U.S. and Chinese universities

The study of the humanities is facing difficult challenges in both the United States and China, although the nature of these challenges differ.

Contested Adriatic Homes: Carinthia, Istria, Politics, and the Lessons of Poetry

A faculty lecture by Thomas Harrison, UCLA, Italian.

Interview with PhD Student Levi Thompson, Co-Founder of

Playwright, Prisoner, President: Celebrating the Life of Vaclav Havel

Lifelong friends, theatre professionals and fellow countrymen shared warm reminiscences of the late Czech leader and playwright at an opening reception for a UCLA Library exhibit in the Powell Library Rotunda.

Daoist visual culture: Images of the inner and outer worlds

A lecture on the visual culture of Daoism by Shih-shan Susan Huang, illustrated with a multitude of drawings from historical texts, focused on the polarization of "inner" and "outer" images.

Literature makes you bang your head against the wall a little bit less

Known for work that is both heart wrenching and funny, Israeli writer Etgar Keret says he uses humor like a defense mechanism. An evening hosted by the Y&S Nazarian Center on October 1st featured readings of his short stories and an absorbing interview of the author.

A Vietnamese teacher with a mission

UCLA Vietnamese instructor Quyen Di Chuc Bui is a teacher with a mission: to ensure the transmission of the Vietnamese language to the next generation of Vietnamese Americans. That makes him a very busy man.

Rebirth of Japanese studies at UCLA

After being weakened by attrition and recession, Japanese studies at UCLA has been renewed through appointments of prominent junior faculty and a new focus on culture and the humanities.

Renaming the Tripitaka Koreana?

Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies Robert Buswell calls for renaming the Korean Buddhist canon to distinguish it from the Indian Tripitaka, given that its contents range far beyond that of the Indian canon.

Large collection of Buddhist relics in Rosemead

A recent Los Angeles Times article describes a collection of Buddhist relics housed at the Lu Mountain Temple in Rosemead, CA.

Complicite and Setagaya Public Theatre: Shun-kin - West Coast Premiere

Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA presents Shun-kin -an intense sadomasochistic relationship between shamisen player Shun-kin and her devoted servant reveals the dark, erotic side of human nature. In Japanese with English Surtitles. Based on the writings of Jun’ichiro Tanizaki / Directed by Simon McBurney / Original Music by Honjo Hidetaro Cast: Kaho Aso, Songha Cho, Eri Fukatsu, Honjoh Hidetaro, Kentaro Mizuki, Yasuyo Mochizuki, Yoshi Oida, Keitoku Takata, Ryoko Tateishi, Junko Uchida

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