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Africa  AIDS Watch

Africa AIDS Watch

In June 1995, a group of concerned Africans studying in the United States came up with an idea. That each year millions of dollars worth of aids are distributed by kind hearted Americans across the globe. That an insignificant percentage of this aid went to Africa in spite of the fact that Africa because of its peculiar nature and situation needed more of these assistance than others.

In most parts of Africa, the child belongs to the community. In most parts of Africa, the education and upkeep of a child is the mother's responsibility only when the child is still in the womb. And in most parts of Africa, good quality western education is the business of the community. That's the resaon why most Africans, especially the male child is expected to be his brother's keeper. At the community level, therefore, it falls squarely on the shoulders of the few Africans who have received western education to use it effectively for the benefit of his larger society who predominantly are poor. And who inspite their relative poverty have collectively eked out a contribution towards the education of most of their sons and daughters. It is against the background that, every African Child is expected to give back to society what society had given to him/her.

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