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The Politics of Quranic Hermeneutics: Royalties on Interpretation

A public lecture by Walid Saleh, University of Toronto

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Duration: 53:17

Walid Saleh is an Associate Professor  in the Department and Centre for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto.   His current research interests include al-Wahidi and his Qur'an commentaries, a study on etymological studies of the Qur'an, and early Qur'an codices, and Apocalyptic literature in the Arab Ottoman Provinces.  His publications include The Formation of the Classical Tafsir Tradition: The Qur’an Commentary of al-Tha`labi (2004), “A Muslim Hebraist: Al-Biqai’s Bible Treatise and His Defence of Using the Bible to Interpret the Qur’an,” in Speculum 83, and “The Etymological Fallacy and Quranic Studies: Muhammad, Paradise, and Late Antiquity,” in The Qur’an in Context, ed. Angelika Neuwirth (forthcoming).

Center for Near Eastern Studies