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CEES-Affiliated Faculty

List of CEES-affiliated faculty


Department Research Interests


Levine, Nancy

Central Asia


Kagan, Olga (See Slavic)


Plann, Susan  (see Spanish & Portuguese)


Yokoyama, Olga

Slavic and Russian linguistics


Favro, Diane

Temporal aspects of the Roman city, urban siting in late antique Rome


Baker, George

Modern/contemporary art and theory

Kunzle, David

18th century European art

Silverman, Debora (see History)



King, Katherine (see Comparative Literature)



Hewitt, Andrew (see Germanic Languages)


Kaufman, Eleanor

20th century French philosophy and literature, literature of Jewish diaspora, Maghrebian literature

King, Katherine

Cross-cultural women's literature

Komar, Kathleen

German and comparative literature

MacFadyen, David (see Musicology)

Post-war Russian literature, Soviet cinema, 20th century philosophy and literary theory,
contemporary Russian digital media, film, and music

Makdisi, Saree (see English)


Re, Lucia (see Italian)


Reinhard, Kenneth (see English)


Shideler, Ross (see Scandinavian Section)


Thomas, Dominic (see French & Francophone Studies)



Burstein, Ariel

International finance, economics and macroeconomics

Leamer, Edward

International economics, economic forecasting

Roll, Richard (see Management)


Tornell, Aaron

International economics, political economy, and robust control

Wright, Mark

International economics, macroeconomics


Rust, Val

Comparative education


Allen, Michael

English literature, Platonists Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola

Bedient, Calvin

Modern British & American literature

Behdad, Ali

Post-Colonial and Victorian literature

Bristow, Joseph

19th century Victorian gender and sexuality in British Literature

Burwick, Frederick

Romantic literature, Wordsworth

Cunningham, Karen

Medieval & Renaissance studies

Deutsch, Helen

Eighteenth Century British Literature and Culture

Dickey, Stephen

Shakespeare, drama, Renaissance literature, Beat Generation

Fisher, Matthew

Old English, Middle English, Latin, and Anglo-Norman literature

Gallagher, Lowell


Renaissance, 17th century British literature theory criticism, gender, and sexuality studies

Grossman, Jonathan

19th century British literature

Hornby, Louise

20th century British literature; interdisciplinary modernism; history of photography, film, and history

Jager, Eric

Old English, Middle English and continental Medieval literature, classical culture, and literary theory

Kareem, Sarah

History and theory of the novel, Enlightenment philosophy

Kaufman, Eleanor (see Comparative Literature)


Little, Arthur

Early Modern English literature and culture, 20th century lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered literature and culture

Makdisi, Saree

18th and 19th Century British literature and culture, modernity, imperialism, and philosophy

Maniquis, Robert

Late 18th and early 19th century literature

McClure, Kirstie (see Political Science)


McEachern, Claire

Renaissance literature, religion and political cultures of early modern England

Mellor, Anne

Romanticism, women's studies

Minkova, Donka

History of the English language and phonetics

Nagy, Joseph

Comparative folklore/mythology, medieval Celtic literature, and religious legends

North, Michael

20th century British literature

Nussbaum, Felicity

18th century literature and culture, critical
theory, gender studies, postcolonial and Anglophone studies, non-fiction prose

Post, Jonathan

17th Century Poetry, Milton, Shakespeare, Sir Thomas Browne, Modern Lyric Poetry, Literary History, Renaissance Painting and Music

Reinhard, Kenneth

History of Critical and Aesthetic Theory, Contemporary Critical Theory, Jewish Studies

Shuger, Debora

Tudor-Stuart Literature, Early Modern Religious, Political and Legal Thought, Neo-Latin

Watson, Robert

Shakespeare, Ben Jonson's Comedies, Metaphysical Poets, Human Alienation from Nature, politics and Religion


Beken, Munir

World music theory; composition; musical globalization; phenomenology of music; melodic modal systems of the Middle East and Central Asia; music of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire

Petrovic, Ankica

East European Traditional Music, Rural Bosnian/Balkan Music, Bosnian Muslim Music

Rice, Timothy

Bulgarian/Macedonian Folk and Traditional Music, Music Cognition, Politics and Economics of Music

Savage, Roger


Music criticism, aesthetics and politics, hermeneutics and critical theory

Varimezov, Ivan

Music of the Balkans

Varimezova, Tzvetanka

Music of the Balkans


Bergstrom, Janet

French Cinema

Gazdag, Gyula

Film writing and directing; Hungarian film

Goldovskaya, Marina

History of Documentary Film in Russia, Documentary Filmmaker

Ricci, Steven

Italian Film History and Archival Studies, Restoration, Public Policy


Brozgal, Lia

20th and 21st century French and Francophone literatures; Judeo-Maghrebi literature; beur culture and literature

Carron, Jean-Claude

Renaissance Studies

Coleman, Patrick

Early Modern French Literature

Denie, Laurence

Interdisciplinary Studies, 20th Century Literature and Culture

Dufresne, Nicole

French Language

Gans, Eric

19th-cent. French Culture and Lit.

Jansma, Kimberly

French Language

Kaufman, Eleanor (see Comparative Literature)


Loselle, Andrea

Modern French Literature

Melzer, Sara

17th-cent. French Literature

Murat, Laure

Literature of the 19th and 20th century; Cultural History; History of Psychiatry; Gender Studies

Stahuljak, Zrinka

Medieval Romance, Historiography & Poetry, Contemporary & Medieval Translation Theory

Stefanovska, Malina

17th-cent. French Literature

Thomas, Dominic

Francophone Literatures and Cultures

Werner, Stephen

18th century French Literature


Agnew, John

Political Geography/Urban Geography of Italy, SE Europe

Goodwin-White, Jamie

Migration, immigration, labor markets, social statistics

Leitner, Helga

Political and urban geography; migration; politics of immigration

Moore, Adam

Political geography, social and geographical theory, Southeastern Europe, ethnic conflict, peacebuilding

Shin, Michael

Geographic information systems (GIS), political and economic geography, Italian politics and society


Brier, Cisca

Dutch Language

Hewitt, Andrew

Gender Studies, Aesthetic Theory

Kirsner, Robert

Dutch and Afrikaans Studies

Koral, Miriam

Yiddish language and poetry

McCumber, John

German Philosophy

Presner, Todd

German-Jewish Literature, Intellectual History

Schultz, James

German Language

Stevens, Christopher

German Linguistics


Anderson, Perry

Comparative History

Aslanian, Sebouh Early modern World and Armenian history

Baldwin, Peter

Comparative history of modern Europe and the United States

Berend, Ivan

Central and East European History, economic history of the European Union and contemporary Europe

Brenner, Robert

Comp Soc-Econ Hist/Early Modern Europe

Ford, Caroline


Modern France, Environmental history in France and its colonies


Frank, Stephen

Russia, Europe, early modern-20th century

Friedlander, Saul Modern Europe, Jewish History

Getty, Arch

Modern Russian History, history of the Soviet Communist Party, Stalinism

Hovannisian, Richard History of Transcaucasus

Hunt, Lynn

French and European History

Jacob, Margaret

History of Science, Intellectual History 

Jacoby, Russell

20th-cent. European and American Intellectual History

McClendon, Muriel

Tudor-Stuart England

Myers, David

Jewish Intellectual History

Norberg, Kathryn

Early Modern France, Women's History

Pagden, Anthony (see Political Science)


Porter, Theodore

History of natural and social science

Reill, Peter

Intellectual history, early modern Germany

Ruiz, Teofilo

Medieval and early modern Spain, social and cultural history

Sabean, David

German Jewish History

Silverman, Debora

European cultural and intellectual history, French art history

Stacey, Peter

Political thought and intellectual history of the Italian Renaissance

Terall, Mary

Gender and science, early modern Europe

Urdank, Albion

Modern England, demographic history

Wise, Norton

History of physics, science and industrialization


Borgman, Christine

Scholarly communication, digital libraries, scientific information, information seeking, retrieval, and policy

Ricci, Steven (see Film & Television)



Berend, Ivan (See History)

Moore, Adam (See Geography)  


Agnew, John (see Geography)


Ciavolella, Massimo

Italian literature, drama

Doebler, Gianpiero

Literature of Italian gastronomy, translation, and contemporary Italian urban planning issues

Ermini, Maria Donatella

Italian language pedagogy

Harrison, Thomas

Italian film and literature, comparative literature

Pirolini, Alessandro

American and European film history, Italian film history

Re, Lucia

Comparative literature

Tognozzi, Elissa

Italian language

Truong, Hoang

20th century Italian literature and culture, Italian cinema

Tuttle, Edward

Italian philology


Brozgal, Lia (see French)


Friedlander, Saul (see History)


Kaufman, Eleanor (see Comparative Literature)


Myers, David (see History)


Presner, Todd (see Germanic Languages)


Reinhard, Kenneth (see English)


Ruiz, Teofilo (see History)


Salamensky, Shelley (see Theater)



Bali, Asli

International law and human rights public international law, international relations, non-proliferation, human rights and humanitarian law

Gardbaum, Stephen

EU, comparative constitutional law

Steinberg, Richard

International law and international relations


Sportiche, Dominique

Formal syntax, theory of constituent structure, and properties of the syntax and semantics interface (especially in French and the Romance languages)


Learner, Edward (see Economics)


Lustig, Hanno

Macroeconomics, finance and international finance

Schollhammer, Hans

International business, strategy and organization

Spich, Robert 

Globalization, cross-cultural issues, management of cultural organizations


Bloechl, Olivia

Sacred music in early modern Europe and the US, music in European colonialism, music and gender

Fink, Robert

Music and ballets of Stravinsky, Romantic opera, music after 1965, minimalism, popular music, Post-modernism

Knapp, Raymond

Classical European music

Le Guin, Elisabeth

Baroque European music

Levitz, Tamara

Musical modernism in Europe and Americas

McClary, Susan

Cultural criticism of music, European canon to contemporary popular genres

MacFadyen, David

Post-war Russian literature, Soviet cinema, 20th- century philosophy and literary theory, contemporary Russian digital media, film, and music

Morris, Mitchell

Fin-de-sicle Russian and Soviet music, gay and lesbian studies, opera, rock, and soul


Cowe, Peter

Armenian language

Keshishian, Anahid

Armenian language

Kouloujian, Hagop

Literatue of Armenia, Western Armenian language

Kuruoglu, Guliz

Turkish language


Carriero, John

History of philosophy

Copenhaver, Brian

European philosophy and science, 1400 -1700

Herman, Barbara

Moral philosophy, Kant's ethics, history of ethics, social and political philosophy


Anderson, Richard

Comparative history

Dienstag, Joshua

Political theory

Golden, Miriam

European labor relations

Intriligator, Michael

Economic theory and mathematical economics, econometrics, strategy and arms control, health economics, and the transition from a socialist to a market economy

Lohmann, Susanne

Game theory; collective action; monetary policy and central banking

McClure, Kirstie 

Historically inflected political theory, from the Renaissance to the present

Pagden, Anthony

Political theory of empire

Rogowski, Ronald

Comparativist German politics, former GDR

Sabl, Andrew

Historical and contemporary political theory and ethics

Trachtenberg, Marc

National security strategy, diplomatic history, international relations

Treisman, Daniel

Stratification and mobility, demography, comparative and historical sociology


Anheier, Helmut

Civil society, nonprofit organization, philanthropic foundations, NGOs, globalization and civil society, comparative social and cultural policy, research methodology, social movements and networks

Intriligator, Michael (see Political Science)


Lohmann, Susanne (see Political Science)


Sabl, Andrew (see Political Science)


Storper, Michael

Economic geography, globalization, technology


Lunde, Arne

Nordic film and literature

Massengale, James

Danish literature

Shideler, Ross

Swedish literature

Tangherlini, Timothy

Danish folklore and popular culture

Wen, Patrick

Contemporary Scandinavian literature and film


Borbely, Melinda

Hungarian language and culture

Chodorowska-Pilch, Marianna

Polish language

Dralyuk, Boris

19th and 20th century Russian literature and popular culture, Russian language, Polish language and literature, literary translation

Galateanu, Georgiana

Romanian language

Ivanov, Vyacheslav

Indo-European linguistics, semiotics, Russian literature, folklore and mythology

Kagan, Olga

Russian language coordinator

Koropeckyj, Roman

Polish, Ukrainian literature

Kresin, Susan

Czech and Russian language

Kudyma, Ganna

Russian and Ukrainian language and culture, language pedagogy

Lejko-Lacan, Viktorija

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language

Lenhoff, Gail

Medieval Russian literature

Vroon, Ronald

20th century Russian literature 


Anderson, Perry (see History)


Brubaker, Rogers

Immigration, ethnicity, nationalism

Emigh, Rebecca

Poverty and ethnicity, capitalist development

Kligman, Gail

Eastern Europe, gender studies

Mann, Michael

States and powers in Western and Eastern Europe       

Saguy, Abigail

Gender and sexuality, cultural sociology, politics, sociology of law, comparative sociology


Bergero, Adriana

20th century Latin American literature, cultural studies, literary theory and criticism

Dagenais, John

Medieval literature, Catalan literature

Falce-Robinson, Juliet

Spanish applied linguistics

Parodi-Lewin, Claudia

Articulatory phonetics, philology

Plann, Susan


Quicoli, A. Carlos Portuguese and Romance Linguistics

Torrecilla, Jesus

18th and 19th century literature, Post-Colonialism

West, Victoria

Spanish language

Zubiaurre, Maite

19th and 20th century Spanish and Latin American fiction


Salamensky, Shelley

Fin-de-siecle, English and comparative literature


Storper, Michael

Economic geography, globalization, technology


McClary, Susan (see Musicology)


Norberg, Kathryn (see History)


Re, Lucia (see Italian)



Center for European and Eurasian Studies