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A Guide to Developing K-16 Heritage Language Materials & Curricular Design

This project is creating a curricular model that will provide information and tools for heritage language instructors and administrator.

Project Leaders: Olga Kagan (UCLA) and Maria Carreira (California State University, Long Beach)

Few curricular models are available to heritage language instructors and administrators. Our guide aims to fill this gap. The project’s goals are: 1) to explain in non-technical terms the main issues in heritage language teaching; 2) to draw pedagogical implications and recommendations; 3) to give teachers the tools to design curricula and materials; 4) to give recommendations on establishing a heritage language program; and 5) to describe ways of involving local communities. The guide will draw on Kagan and Dillon’s (2009) matrix for heritage language teacher preparation, which suggests using macro approaches in heritage language instruction. The macro approach incorporates a number of methodologies, including project and community-based instruction, which is particularly appropriate to heritage learners.

Center for World Languages