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The Role of the Citizen in a Democratic Society

A Group Project Abroad (GPA) by Manuel Lopez

Topic: The Role of the Citizen in a Democratic Society

Subject: US Government, Standard 12.2

Duration of Lesson(s): 1 90 minute Block

Grade Level: 12

Rationale: In studying the role of the citizen, students will explore the various limits, rights and obligations of citizenship. Does citizenship mean similar things in other societies?

Lesson Objective: The students will be able to compare Mexican immigration in the US to Moroccan immigration in France. Students will be able to analyze three reason Moroccan and Mexican immigrants do not immerse themselves into the dominant culture. The students will conduct surveys at school and in the community.

The students will also write an essay comparing and contrasting the experience of the Moroccan in France and the Mexican in the United States.

Download File: GPA Lesson 12.2 Comapre with Morocco.pdf

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