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Morocco: Its People, Their Country, Their Arts

A Group Project Abroad (GPA) by Angela Guy

Topic: Morocco: Its People, Their Country, Their Arts

Subject: Art 1 ‐ 4

Duration of Lesson(s): approx. 4 weeks, 4 separate lessons

Grade Levels: 9 ‐12

Rationale: Most high school students lack knowledge about other parts of the world. This 4 week curriculum unit is designed to
engage high school level students in learning about Morocco, its culture, language, history, religions, and arts.

This curriculum unit is designed to engage:

1. The students in understanding the world around them through intense study of Morocco via four separate
but fully connected lessons:

Lesson 1 – Teacher led discussion and student Web Quest geography/social studies research
project; Student reading and answer

Lesson 2 – Student hands‐on research visual aid project

Lesson 3 – Student produced Moroccan‐inspired painting and/or weaving

Lesson 4 – Student produced Moroccan‐inspired ceramic tile

2. The whole school community, as well as the whole school district, via my presentations and photography
exhibits at the school district Administration building (February 2010).

3. Teachers and administrators statewide via my presentation at the Texas Art Education Association Annual
Conference November 14, 2009.

Download File: FullModuleAngela.pdf

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