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2011-12 CEES Graduate Student Funding Award Recipients

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for AY 2011-12, Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships for Summer 2012, Dissertation/Pre-Dissertation Fellowships, and Language Study Grants.

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships, AY 2011-12
Name                           Department                           Language
Groom, Derek              Slavic                                      Russian
Heller, Sydney              Slavic                                      Russian
Name                           Department                             Language
Cafee, Naomi              Slavic                                        Azeri
Gibson, Lela                History                                      Turkish (Ottoman)
Kurtz, Wendy              Spanish and Portuguese             Catalan
Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships, Summer 2012
Name                           Department                                         Language
Bar, Anna                     History                                                 Russian
Shek, Elizabeth             Psychology                                           Russian
Tomova, Adelina          Comparative Literature                          Russian
Name                           Department                                        Language
Gibson, Lela                History                                                 Turkish (Ottoman)
Harris, Jessica              History                                                 Italian
Mora, Amalia              Ethnomusicology                                   Portuguese
O’Dell, Jesse               Slavic                                                   Russian
Redford, Renata          Italian                                                   Romanian
Reiss, Hannah             Anthropology                                        Russian
Topham, Ann              French and Francophone Studies          Catalan
Wilson, David             Ethnomusicology                                   Macedonian
Dissertation / Pre-Dissertation Fellowships, Summer 2012
Name, Department, Project Title
Asquer, Raffaele
Political Science
“Discredited politicians” in Italy: Corruption, Social Trust, and the Failure of Accountability
Baranello, Adriana
Anarcho-Communist Futurism: Abstraction and Activism in Gramsci’s Turin
Cuesta, Luis
Spanish and Portuguese
The Stadium and the Word: Sports and Literature in Spain in 1900-2000
Lee, Michelle
Comparative Literature
Imagination, Mimesis and Style: Nineteenth-Century French Travel Narratives, Realism and Photography
Petrou, Marissa
Disciplining Collections: The Founding of the Dresden Museum for Zoology, Anthropology and Ethnology (1875-1914)
Powell, Eilene
Spanish and Portuguese
Hurts So Good: Representations of BDSM in Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Spain
Quinn, Brian
French and Francophone Studies
African Drama, European Discourse: The French Anthropological Voice in Plays by Students of the Ecole William Ponty
Rozenblatt, Daphne
The Last Archive: Enrico Morselli’s Lost Clinical Papers
Stambolis-Ruhstorfer, Michael
What is Homophobia?: Defining Discrimination in France and the United States
Language Study Grants, Summer 2012
Name                                       Department                            Language
Alon, Shir                                Comparative Literature             French
Gyorody, Andrea                     Art History                              German
Strand-Polyak, Lindsey            Musicology                              Italian

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