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2012-13 Pacific Rim Research Fellowships Awarded

Three UCLA graduate students receive funding for comparative research on Asia

Three UCLA graduate students have been awarded research fellowships from the University of California Pacific Rim Research Program for the 2012-2013 academic year. The UC-wide multicampus reserach program funds new research that is focused on the Pacific Rim as a unique geographic area and crosses national and disciplinary boundaries.

Shanna Gong, a graduate student in Sociology, has been awarded $12,750 for her research on "Movements, Markets and the State: Sustainable Food Economies in the US and China." She will travel to China in spring 2013 to study the organic agriculture market in Jiangsu province and Shanghai, spending part of her time as a participant-observer working on an organic farm there.

M. Antonion Guzman, also in the department of Sociology, will receive $17,000 for "Imposing Capitalism: Land Tenure and the Sugar Industry in Taiwan, the Philippines and Cuba, 1895-1930." His research examines distinctions in the way the US and Japanese imperial administrations extracted tax revenue from sugar industries, and the resulting differences in capitalist development and socioeconomic structures. He will use the PRRP award to gather historical data on land tenure in the Philippines next year.

 Chien-Ling Liu, in the History department, has been awarded $17,720 for her research on "Relocating Modern Medicine: Circulation and the Construction of Immunologic Knowledge in China and Europe, 1880-1945." Her project examines the encounter between European and Chinese medicine in that period which provoked evolving debates in both traditions over the conceptual basis of immunity, with implications for public health practices. She has also been awarded an International Institute fieldwork fellowship to support her studies next year.

For a full list of PRRP faculty and graduate student award recipients, please visit the PRRP website at

Information about the 2013-14 Pacific Rim Research Program applications will be available from the Asia Institute Funding web page in October, 2012.

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