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UC-Wide Immigration Conference

“We asked for workers and families came:”

Children, youth and families in migration

Friday, February 22, 2013

9 am to 8 pm (including dinner and cultural event)

University of California, Los Angeles

385 Charles E. Young Drive, 1242 Law Building, Los Angeles, California 90095

This conference draws together UC-wide faculty and students who study children, youth and families in relation to migration issues, broadly defined.  Collectively, the conference will address such questions as:  How do migration experiences shape the experiences of growing up and raising children? How do current immigration policies affect families? How are the children of immigrants faring in educational contexts? What identities are they forming?  What are their daily lives and experiences, and aspirations for the future?  What policies and practices best support the health and welfare of immigrant children, youth and families? How does the recognition of children’s claims to educational access and to various forms of lawful status (ranging from Deferred Action to U.S. citizenship), based on their ties or their birth in the United States, both reflect and affect fundamental notions of citizenship and belonging? This conference seeks to initiate a dialogue between researchers and professionals in the field on the most pressing issues and complexities of the immigrant community. 

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8:30 – 9:00am  Breakfast and Registration: Outside of Room 1347
9:00 - 9:05am  Welcome and Overview of the Day by Marjorie Faulstich Orellana: Room 1347
9:05 – 9:15am  Children and Families in Migration: Introductory Comments by Marcelo Suárez-Orozco: Room 1347
9:15 – 10:45am  Plenary Session: Contemporary Issues in Immigration Law
Room 1347

Leo Chavez. (UC Irvine, Anthropology).  Making Citizens Illegal: The Children of Undocumented Immigrants and Future Immigration Reform in the United States.”

Sarah Song. (UC Berkeley, Law).  Rethinking Family in Immigration Law.

Raul Hinojosa.  (UC Los Angeles, Chicana/o Studies).  Bringing Transnationalism Back into “Comprehensive” Immigration Reform.

Comments from Horacio Arroyo.  (Director of Civic Engagement and Community Development at Center for Humane Immigrant Rights, Los Angeles).

Moderator: Ingrid Eagly, UC Los Angeles, Law

11:00am – 12:30pm  Plenary Session: Youth, Families, and Immigrant Health
Room 1347

Mary Sue Heilemann.  (UC Los Angeles, School of Nursing).  First and Second Generation Latinas: Mental Health, Trauma, and Resilience.

Michael Rodriguez.  (UC Los Angeles, Department of Family Medicine).  Immigrant Health and Social Determinants of Health 

Cindy Harding. (Chief Deputy Director of Public Health, Los Angeles County).  Immigrant Health in Los Angeles County

Comments from Lupe Gonzalez.  (Esperanza Community Housing Project).

Moderator:  Georgiana Bostean, UC Los Angeles, School of Public Health

12:30 – 1:30pm  Lunch Break
1:30 – 2:30pm  Poster Presentations
Outside of Room 1347

Fabiola Inzunza and Alma Castrejon. (UC Los Angeles, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment).  From Underground Undergrads to Undocumented and Unafraid: The Socio-Political Identity of Undocumented Immigrant Youth.

Veronica Castillo-Munez.  (UC Santa Barbara, History).  Land Reform, Corn Credit, and Mexican Rural Migration to the United States.

Ann Kim.  (UC Santa Barbara, Education).  The Role of Ethnic Socialization and Ethnic Identity in the Role of Academic Pursuit for Mexican American College Students.

Sung Park. (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  Generational, Racial and Gender Differences in Family Ties and Religious Participation in the United Kingdom.

Silvia Rodriguez Vega. (UC Los Angeles, Chicano/a Studies).  From Barbies to Boycotts: How a ten-year-old activist is made, the after math of family separation, immigration raids and bad policies in Arizona.

Aki Yamada. (UC Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies).  Educational Strategies for Children of New Japanese "Shin-Issei."


2:30 – 3:45pm Panels:
Immigrant Rights and Public Opinion, Room: 1347

Shannon Gleeson. (UC Santa Cruz, Latin American and Latino Studies).  Between Support and Shame: The Impacts of Workplace Violations for Immigrant Families.

Jennifer Merolla, Karthick Ramakrishnan, and Chris Haynes. (Claremont University, School of Politics and Economics; UC Riverside, Political Science).  Framing the Dream Act in News Media and Public Opinion.

Otto Santa Ana. (UC Los Angeles, Chicana/o Studies).  John Wayne meets Dorothy in the Great American Desert of Oz: Television News myth-making about Immigrants.

Tom Wong and Angela Garcia. (UC San Diego, Political Science).  “UnDACAmented" Youth and the Determinants of Applying for Deferred Action: An Empirical Analysis of the First 150,000 DACA Applications.

Moderator:  Roger Waldinger, UC Los Angeles, Sociology

Identity and Belonging, Room: 1457

Laura Enrique.  (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  “I’m a Good Citizen, but I’m not a Citizen:” Participation and Feelings of Belonging in the Undocumented 1.5 Generation.

Xiangyan Liu. (UC Santa Cruz, Education).  From Canton to San Francisco: Transnational Identity of Contemporary 1.5 Generation Chinese Youth from an American Public High School.

Mai N. Thai.  (UC Davis, Sociology).  Racialized as Asian:  How Educational Structures Project and Perpetuate the “Model Minority” Stereotype on Vietnamese American Youth.

Ariana Valle. (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  ’I’m Not Mexican!:’ Central American Second-Generation and Identity Formation in Los Angeles.

Moderator:  Min Zhou, UC Los Angeles, Sociology

Immigrant Parents and Educational Policy, Room: 1420

Richard Duran, Zuleyma Rogel, and Araceli Simeon-Luna. (UC Santa Barbara, Education; MALDEF Parent School Partnership Program).  Parents Crossing into the World of Education Policy Makers.

Lorrie Frasure-Yokley. (UC Los Angeles, Political Science).  Holding the Borderline: School District Responsiveness to Demographic Change in Orange County, California.

Isabel Vazquez.  (Candidate for LAUSD School Board District 2).  The Fight to Save Adult Education in LAUSD and California: What’s at Stake?

Moderator:  Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, UC Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Household and Community Dynamics, Room: 1430

Lynnette Arnold.  (UC Santa Barbara, Linguistics).  Moments of Contact and Socialization: Migrant Children as Agents of Social Transformation.

David Trouille.  (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  Para convivir: Beer Drinking and the Mobilization of Social Ties

Christina Tam. (UC Los Angeles, Public Affairs).  An Exploratory Analysis of Neighborhood and Delinquency among Southeast Asian Youth.

Moderator: TBA

Mobilization and Experiences of Being Undocumented, Room: 2448

Kevin Escudero.  (UC Berkeley, Ethnic Studies).  Mobilizing Rights, Contesting Citizenship and Leveraging Intersectional Identities: Immigrant Youth Activism and the Movement to Pass the Federal DREAM Act.

Caitlin Patler. (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  Shadowed by Status or Undocumented and Unafraid?: Negotiating Citizenship and Belonging Within a Stigmatized Identity.

Imelda Plascencia.  (UC Los Angeles, Chicano/a Studies).  Undocumented Phases: The Fluidity of Self Identity for Undocumented Youth.

Moderator:  Janna Shadduck-Hernandez, UC Los Angeles, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment


4:00 – 5:15pm Panels
Generational Pathways, Room: 1347

Emir Estrada. (USC, Sociology).  Changing Household Dynamics: Children's American Generational Resources in Street Vending Markets.

Kris Noam. (UC Irvine, Sociology).  Are Second-Generation Chinese Mothers "Tiger Moms" Too?  How Assimilation Processes Interact with the Ethnocultural Values Regarding Education.

Casandra Salgado. (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  Parental Narratives and Racialized Schooling Experiences among Mexican Americans.

Moderator:  Patricia Greenfield, UC Los Angeles, Psychology

Transnationalism and Families, Room 1457

Hsin-Chieh Chang. (UC Los Angeles, Department of Community Health Sciences).  Marital Power Dynamics and Wellbeing of Marriage Migrants.

Caitlin Fouratt.  (UC Irvine, Anthropology).  “Temporary Measures:” Costa Rican Immigration Law and Nicaraguan Transnational Families.

Ana Elizabeth Rosas. (UC Irvine, Chicana/o Studies and History).  The Alienating Silence of an Undocumented State of Preparedness:  The Transnational Configuration of Undocumented Latina/o Immigrant Parenting across the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Daina Sanchez. (UC Irvine, Anthropology).  Connections to Homeland: 1.5 and Second-Generation Indigenous Transnationalism.

Moderator:  Leo Chavez, UC Irvine, Anthropology

Immigrants and Health, Room: 1420

Deisy Del Real.  (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  The Psychological Well-Being of Undocumented Mexican Young Adults:  Anti-immigrant Stigma and Migrant Social Networks.

Georgiana Bostean, Edna Viruell-Fuentes, and Flavia Andrade. (UC Los Angeles, School of Public Health).  Family Relationships and Health Outcomes among U.S.-born and Immigrant Latinos.

Shu-Sha Angie Guan. (UC Los Angeles, Psychology).  Ethnic and Generational Difference in Social Support in Young Immigrants.

Moderator:  May Wang, UC Los Angeles, School of Public Health

Undocumented Tensions, Room: 1430

Leisy Abrego.  (UC Los Angeles, Chicana/o Studies).  Illegality as a Source of Solidarity and Tension in Latino Families.

Tanya Golash-Boza.  (UC Merced, Sociology).  The Deportation of 1.5 Generation Immigrants: Policing and Assimilation.

Patricia Zavella.  (UC Santa Cruz, Latin American and Latino Studies).  The Effects of US Immigration Policies on Latino Families: Practice and Contestation.

Moderator:  Carola Suárez-Orozco, UC Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

Education of Latino Immigrants, Room: 2448

Vilma Ortiz.  (UC Los Angeles, Sociology).  Education by Generation (1.5, 2, and 3) among Mexican Americans.

Rolf Straubhaar.  (UC Los Angeles, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies).  The Experiences of Mexican Immigrant Youth in a Central Texas Newcomer School.

Mari Riddle. (CEO Centro Latino for Literacy).  Leamos™: Closing the Literacy and Digital Divide.

Sherry Banks and Maria Espinosa. (Fulfillment Fund).

Moderator: Yolanda Vasquez, UC Los Angeles, Psychology

Dinner: 6pm – 8pm.  Faculty Center (with a screening of the award winning film Admissions).
Organizing Committee: Peter Catron, Deisy Del Real, May Hoopes, Dalal Katsiaficas, Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, Karisa Peer, Rolf Straubhaar, Carola Suarez-Orozco, and Winmar Way

Sponsors:  Program on International Migration and the International Institute

Co-sponsors: Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UCSD; the Institute for American Cultures; Institute for Immigrant Children and Youth; the Latin American Institute; the Division of Social Sciences; the UCLA School of Law; The Burkle Center for International Relations; the Center for European and Eurasian Studies; the Departments of Geography and Political Science; and the Irene Flecknoe Ross Lecture Series in the Department of Sociology.  The Irene Flecknoe Ross Lecture Series is made possible by a gift from Ray Ross in memory of his wife.

Program on International Migration