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Language Tutors on the WebTurkish Tutor lesson page with video clip from the soap opera Bizimkiler

Language Tutors on the Web

The success of CNES's Turkish Tutor program inspires a pilot Azeri Tutor and plans for an Iraqi Arabic Tutor.

CNES's web-based Turkish Tutor enables students to watch and listen to culturally nuanced vignettes from a popular Turkish TV series while progressing from elementary- to superior-level listening comprehension. The self-paced multimedia learning tool is grounded in studies which show that listening comprehension is often neglected in instructional programs, whereas it greatly influences other language acquisition skills including reading and writing.

Seeing that a steadily increasing number of students in academia and government are using Turkish Tutor, and being encouraged by widespread praise for the program from students and teachers alike, CNES decided to use its ingenious template to create web tutors in other Middle Eastern languages. A pilot Azeri Tutor is now available on the net, and a pilot Iraqi Arabic Tutor is in production.

Center for Near Eastern Studies