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Global Fellows Class of 2004-2005 Announced

Thirty scholars chosen for this year's program.

By Ronald Rogowski

The UCLA International Institute's Global Fellows Program announces the Fellowship class of 2004-05, comprising thirty scholars in four distinct groups from the gamut of academic disciplines, pursuing cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research on issues related to global markets, culture and society, and governance.

Senior Fellows are distinguished and nationally recognized members of the UCLA faculty who regularly attend the Fellows Seminars (see below) and actively mentor the Global and Associate Fellows.

Global Fellows are post-doctoral scholars (not more than seven years post-Ph.D.) of extraordinary potential who come to UCLA for one year to focus on their own research and to contribute to UCLA's teaching mission (typically one small seminar and a larger lecture course).

Associate Fellows are UCLA Ph.D. students who are expected to complete their dissertations during their fellowship year.

Global Scholars are among the most promising entering Ph.D. students, who are supported by the International Institute during their first two years at UCLA.

The Fellowship meets weekly in the Global Fellows colloquium to share work in progress and to discuss major issues in global studies with leading scholars from around the world.

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