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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Chinese Studies at Stanford University

DEADLINE - 1/15/2006


The Center for East Asian Studies at Standard University


Post-doctoral Fellowships in Chinese Studies


Program Summary

The Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University announces post-doctoral positions in Chinese Studies open to scholars in the humanities and social sciences studying any historical period.


Applicants must have been awarded the Ph.D. no later than August 31, prior to the term in which he/she plans to start the post-doc position and may not be more than five years beyond receipt of the doctoral degree. Fellowships may be given to those who hold continuing, assistant professor-level teaching positions. U.S. citizenship is not required. Those who have received their Ph.D. from Stanford University will not normally be considered.


Each award carries a 12-month stipend of approximately $36,000, depending on year of doctoral degree.


The deadline is January 15 each year.


Application forms are available on the CEAS web site: under "Resources"or by mail at Center for East Asian Studies, Bldg. 50 Main Quad, Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-2034.

Your application packet must include an original signed application form, an updated curriculum vitae, two letters of reference and a 5-page double-spaced plan of research and writing for the year of appointment. You should also include a chapter of your dissertation or another writing sample.

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