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Woodrow Wilson School Junior Summer Institute

The Junior Summer Institute is a seven-week program structured to introduce or strengthen skills in economics, statistics, policy analysis, writing, public speaking, and organization/time management.

For almost two decades, the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University has hosted summer institutes as part of the proud tradition of promoting diversity in our own student body and in the public service arena. The 2005 Junior Summer Institute continues this tradition by training future leaders for government service and other public service careers and by cultivating the development of leaders equipped to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds in an era of globalization.

Program Summary

The program's mission is to increase leadership opportunities for future global policy leaders in both the public and nonprofit sectors. We believe that by encouraging a diverse cadre of leaders who are culturally aware and socially sensitive to consider careers in public service, we will strengthen the leadership capacity of government and nonprofit organizations throughout the world.
The goal of the program is to prepare students for graduate study and careers in public policy and international affairs. This goal is achieved by providing participants with the tools of critical thinking, speaking, writing, and quantitative reasoning and with the skills and experiences necessary to create, analyze, implement, evaluate, and affect policy in a multicultural, multiethnic society.

The Junior Summer Institute is a seven-week program structured to introduce or strengthen skills in economics, statistics, policy analysis, writing, public speaking, and organization/time management. At the end of the seven-week program, students will be able to present a comprehensive final report on a current policy issue that will encompass the skills acquired in their coursework, field research, policy analysis, and writing and computer workshops.


Applicants must:
Be enrolled as college juniors who will have one or two semesters remaining in college after completing the summer institute; this includes international students pursuing an undergraduate degree at a U.S. four-year college or university.
Demonstrate an interest in and commitment to cross-cultural and social issues and public service.
Demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to a career in public or international affairs.
Contribute to the diversity of perspectives in public policy or international affairs.
Application Requirements

An applicant must submit the following materials:

A résumé that includes work experience, extracurricular activities, foreign travel, language abilities, community involvement, and other experiences relevant to public affairs.
A personal statement highlighting cultural experiences, social sensitivity, leadership skills, and a commitment to public service.
Official academic transcripts.
Two letters of recommendation.
A copy of the student's financial aid award letter, Student Aid Report (SAR), and completion of the financial information section on the application.
The completed JSI application.
Application Evaluation

Consideration is given only to complete applications. An academic evaluation is made to determine whether the curriculum of the Junior Summer Institute would provide an appropriate challenge for students applying to this program. The Junior Summer Institute features a policy workshop as well as introductory and advanced courses in quantitative methods and economics for policy analysis. Previous exposure to statistics and economics is not a requirement for admission, but placement in the advanced courses usually requires previous coursework in statistics, economics, and calculus.

A nonacademic assessment is made to determine the level of each applicant's commitment to public service and potential to become a leader in a global society. The variety of life and work experiences, volunteer interests, study abroad, and participation in campus or community organizations are evaluated. The summer institute seeks to engage students who demonstrate a strong commitment to solving economic, political, social, and environmental problems in both the United States and abroad.


To be considered for the 2005 Junior Summer Institute at the Woodrow Wilson School, the completed application form and all required materials must be submitted by November 1, 2004 .


November 1, 2004 -- Application deadline

December 13, 2004 -- Admission notification

June 16, 2005 -- Program begins

August 5, 2005 -- Program ends

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