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UCLA Collegium of University Teaching Fellows

UCLA Collegium of University Teaching Fellows

Program Overview

The Collegium of University Teaching Fellows (CUTF) is an innovative program that creates unique learning opportunities for both graduate teaching fellows and undergraduate students on campus. Through the program, some of UCLA's very best advanced graduate students have the opportunity to develop and teach a lower division seminar in their field of specialization on a one-time only basis. This experience serves as a “capstone” to the teaching apprenticeship, preparing them for the academic job market and their role as future faculty. At the same time, undergraduates enrolled in CUTF seminars have the chance to take courses that are at the cutting edge of a discipline, and to experience the benefits of participating in a small-seminar environment.

Undergraduate students who are interested in more information on specific course offerings, or graduate students who are interested in submitting a course proposal and wish to request an application form are invited to call the CUTF office at 310 206-8998, or to email

The CUTF Application and Training Process
Each winter quarter graduate students who will advance to candidacy by the beginning of the fall quarter of the academic year in which they are planning to teach, but have not yet graduated, are invited to submit a proposal to the CUTF faculty advisory committee to develop and teach their own course. Departments are asked to endorse their graduate student applicants and to provide a faculty advisor who will mentor the fellow's seminar development in the department.

Copies of each proposal are reviewed by the CUTF Faculty Advisory Committee, and approximately 15 fellows are selected in the spring quarter.

All teaching fellows are required to participate in a 596 interdisciplinary seminar developed by a UCLA Distinguished Teaching award winner and former Chair of the Academic Senate Committee on Teaching. This training seminar helps the teaching fellows to further refine their course materials and pedagogical skills prior to offering their courses to the undergraduate students.

Fellows then teach their own seminars in either the winter or the spring. Fellows are paid a stipend and receive fee remission and insurance in the quarter in which they teach. Consultation on the application process, as well as proposal suitability is available.

Criteria for CUTF Selection

Teaching fellows must have advanced to candidacy by the beginning of the fall quarter of the academic year in which they are planning to teach, but not yet graduated. Proposals are selected based on, amongst other factors, intellectual content, originality, and likely student interest. They should be suitable for a seminar format and not duplicate the standard curriculum.

The Committee also attempts to ensure balance in its selection across departments and across topics. For departments with multiple submissions, department chairs are asked to suggest a ranking, and it is unlikely that more than two proposals would ever be selected from any one department in any one academic year.

The opportunity to participate in the CUTF program is available to advanced graduate students in all divisions of the College and across the professional schools, with special consideration being given to programs whose graduate students do not normally have the opportunity to teach their own courses. The Committee's criteria for reviewing course proposals also suggest that the seminar be relevant to the graduate student's career plans and provide a link to the subject area of their dissertation research. Departments without doctoral programs may submit proposals and MFA students may apply in the last year of their programs.


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