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Outstanding Dissertation Fellowship

OM Association

Applicant may enter if his or her dissertation was completed and approved since the 1993 academic year from an institution of higher education that is sanctioned by a state, regional, or provincial accredited agency.

Program summary

The Association honors doctoral candidates whose dissertations significantly advance the knowledge and understanding of education theories, concepts, and practices related to the mission.

OM Mission Statement

The OM Association values and nurtures creativity. Through its activities, the association provides opportunities to develop creative problem-solving skills that are important in an ever-changing world. OM's mission includes
the encouragement and development of cooperation, self-respect and the appreciation and understanding of others.


First place winner will receive $1,500 and the second place winner will receive $750.


Summary and entry must be submitted by June 1, 1998. Winners will be notified by September 1st.


An entry consists of dissertation abstract plus an entry form. The university dissertation committee chairs must sign the official OM entry form to ensure that the nominated dissertation is in compliance with the Association's submission standards and guidelines.

For more information and entry form contact OM at

OM Association, Inc.
Dissertation Awards Program
PO Box 547
Glassboro, NJ 08028
Fax: (609) 881-3596

Asia Institute