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Graduate Scholarship Program in Korean Studies

This program seeks to promote Korean studies and foster young scholars in this field by providing graduate students majoring in Korean studies in North America with scholarships for their coursework and/or research while enrolled at their home institutions.


It covers students only through the year that they are advanced to candidacy and only if they are in residence (not overseas research). Please refer to the Korea Foundation Fellowship program for research abroad funding possibilities (see


1. MA or PhD level students majoring in Korean studies at any university in North America.

2. Fields of Study: Korea-related coursework and research in the humanities and social sciences, culture and arts, and comparative research related to Korea. Natural sciences, medical sciences and engineering fields are not eligible.


1. Scholarships are for one academic year only. Scholarship recipients may reapply in succeeding years for additional support, however, they will be judged competitively against that year's pool of applicants.

2. Fellowship Period

a. Ph.D. Students: Up to four (4) successive years (coursework: 3 years/ dissertation: 1 year)

b. M.A. Students: Up to two (2) successive years

3. Scholarship amounts will be determined by the review committee, but generally will be in the range of $10,000–$20,000. Awards will be provided in the form of flat stipends and are intended to cover living expenses and/or tuition costs.

4. Scholarship recipients are required to submit a report (see on their academic/research activities at the conclusion of their scholarship period.


1. Applicants should be expected to show sufficient ability to use Korean-language sources in their study and research. This ability should be mentioned in the applicant's cover letter, and in addition, one (of three) required letters of recommendation must be a language reference from an advisor or language instructor attesting to the student's language ability.

2. This program is intended for students majoring in Korean studies at U.S./Canadian universities. Korean nationals are eligible to apply only if they have permanent residency status in the U.S. or Canada.

3. Students who are receiving support from other programs administered by the Foundation, such as the Korea Foundation Fellowships for Korean Studies or Korean Language Training, are not eligible for concurrent support under this program.


This program is co-organized by the Korea Foundation and the Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies.

The Committee on Korean Studies of NEAC will serve as the review committee, evaluate applications and recommend selections to NEAC. The selection process follows the normal practices and procedures common to standard peer review in the United States. The process of peer review is intended to ensure that applications are judged fairly by a panel of experts and to prevent either the actuality or the suggestion of improper interference on the part of the organizations involved in designing, administering or funding the competition.


Applications will consist of: (1) Foundation Application Form (see; (2) a 2–3 page narrative proposal outlining research interests and academic progress of the student; (3) grade transcripts of coursework; and (4) three letters of recommendation, one of which must be from someone able to attest to the applicant's language ability.

Applicants seeking renewal support are also requested to submit a detailed progress report outlining their academic activities during the fellowship period, including title and brief description of term papers or presentations at seminars/conferences.

The Fellowship Program Department of the Korea Foundation will collect and forward applications to the review committee members, who will rank each application separately, and then meet together at the AAS annual meeting to reach a consensus on which applicants to award. Applicants are notified of the outcome in April.

The application deadline for 2005–06 is February 15, 2005. Inquiries concerning the program may be directed to the Fellowship Program Department of the Korea Foundation, by e-mail at or by telephone at 82-2-3463-5614.

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