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AAAS Science and Engineering Fellowship Program

AAAS Science and Engineering Fellowship Programs

Program Overview

Fellows spend one year at the National Science Foundation (NSF), beginning in September 2005, learning how NSF funds science, while providing scientific, engineering, and educational input on issues relating to NSF's mission to support fundamental science and engineering research and education. AAAS/NSF Science and Engineering Fellows will be placed at offices throughout the Foundation working with staff involved in the planning, development and oversight of agency programs. The programs include all fields of fundamental research including biological, computer and information, mathematical and physical, social/behavioral/economic, and geosciences as well as engineering and technology, education, or public, legal and legislative affairs.

Assignments may involve significant interagency, congressional or international activity, as well as involvement with the National Science Board, NSF's policy-setting body. The program includes an orientation on executive branch and congressional operations, as well as a year-long seminar program on issues involving science, technology and public policy.

The fellowship program is designed to provide a unique public policy learning experience and to provide insight into the decision-making processes of the Foundation. It will also demonstrate the value of science and engineering in addressing critical national societal concerns, expose exemplary scientists and engineers to government service, and provide fresh technical perspectives and knowledge to NSF programs. While not government officials with formal authority over such efforts, Fellows have the opportunity to advise and participate in many aspects of NSF activities, including exposure to the Foundation's merit review process. Fellows will gain important insight into the role of science and engineering in the overall U.S. policy framework and into how priorities are determined in these areas.


All applicants must have a PhD or an equivalent doctoral-level degree by the application deadline (January 10, 2005). Individuals with a master's degree in engineering and at least three years of post-degree professional experience also may apply. Prospective Fellows must demonstrate exceptional competence in some area of science or engineering. They are also expected to be critical thinkers who are articulate, adaptable and adept at working with a variety of people from differing professional backgrounds, including decision-makers and others outside of the scientific and engineering community.

Applications are invited from individuals in any physical, biological, or social science, any field of engineering, or any relevant interdisciplinary field. All applicants must be U.S. citizens. Federal employees are not eligible for the fellowship.


In cooperation with NSF, AAAS will select approximately four Fellows. The stipend will range from $62,000 to $81,000 with allowances for health insurance, relocation and professional travel. The fellowships are one-year appointments. Program continuation is contingent upon the availability of funds.


January 10, 2005

For more information, please visit the web site:

AAAS Science and Engineering Fellowship Programs
1200 New York Avenue, NW 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 236-6700

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For complete program information, application procedures and forms, students are encouraged to contact the program directly at the above-mentioned address and/or telephone number.

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