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Faculty Opportunities

Deep Springs College Faculty Opportunities

Program Summary

Located on a cattle ranch in California just east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Deep Springs prepares a select group of twenty-six young men (avg. SAT 1500) for lives of service to humanity. Practical labor and student self-government complement the demanding liberal arts curriculum. After two years, students transfer to highly competitive universities (such as Berkeley, Cornell, Harvard, Swarthmore, and Yale) to complete their undergraduate studies. Visiting Scholars normally teach one course over a fourteen-week semester, allowing ideal time for writing and study in the solitude and beauty of the valley. Most courses consist of about six students in a seminar-style format. Classroom work tends to be intense, vibrant, and stimulating with bright, motivated students actively participating in their education to an extent seen nowhere else.


Professors on sabbatical, artists-in-residence, and post-doc teaching fellows are encouraged to apply for the 7 or 14 week-long teaching posts.


Please contact the program directly for this information.


Open Deadline - applications will be accepted for as long as the positions are open.

Application and for more information
Applications should include a copy of your curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, three to four sample course proposals, at least three references, and a statement of teaching philosophy. Deep Springs values diversity in faculty and course offerings.

Applications should be sent to:

Benjamin Turner,
Chair of Faculty Search Deep Springs College
HC72, Box 45001
via Dyer, Nevada 89010
(760) 872-2000

Students are encouraged to contact the program directly at the above address and number for further information.

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