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Social Program in Applied Economics Fellowship

Social Science Research Council


SSRC will award between 20 and 25, 2002-2003 Fellowships in Applied Economics. The fellowship is intended to ease the transition from course work to dissertation research and to prepare students to write an accomplished and innovative dissertation, consistent with the overall goals of the Program. Applicants must develop a 12-month plan, partly devoted to acquiring (e.g.) valuable know-how in formulated and conducting research in their areas of interest, specialized skills not taught at their home institutions, and/or exposure to the approaches and methodologies of related disciplines.

Criteria for selection: The fellowship should prepare students to undertake innovative empirical and/or theoretical research that addresses vital and complex economic and social issues. Fellowship support will not be provided solely for dissertation research and write-up. Applicants must demonstrate a strong record of achievement in their graduate studies. Proposals must be clearly written and comprehensible to any economist, and show familiarity with the relevant literature in economics and where relevant in related disciplines. Finally, applicants are strongly encouraged to obtain the support of a mentor(s), especially for the training component of the fellowship.


* Applicant must be a full-time graduate student enrolled in economics PhD programs or in related PhD programs in U.S. universities. The fellowship is intended for students entering their third year, although exceptions will be made for more advanced students.
* There are no citizenship, residency or nationality requirements.
* Students who have attended an SSRC Summer Workshop in Applied Economics will, however, receive preferential consideration.
* Applicants are expected to have completed their required course work and qualifying examinations, but not necessarily an approved dissertation prospectus, by the time the fellowship award is announced.


Fellowships will include a 12-month stipend up to $15,000; a modest contribution to tuition and medical/health insurance fees; and a small research/travel budget.


February 1, 2002 - All transcripts, references letters, and other official document must be included in the returned application package and received on this date.

Application and for more information
Completed applications include:
* Original and 3 copies of the application form and fellowship proposal.
* Academic transcripts - enclose an official graduate school transcript(s).
* 3 References.
* Self-addressed acknowledgment card and notification envelope.

For complete guideline and application information please contact the foundation at the address below.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Come by 1252 Murphy Hall or contact

Social Science Research Council Program in Applied Economics
810 Seventh Ave. New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 377-2700
Fax: (212) 377-2727

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