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Summer Institute for Behavioral and Social Scientists

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences


Center Fellows will be in residence from July 10 through August 18, 2000. The selection of participants will be done on or before April 1, 2000.

The summer institute will bring together scholars from multiple fields of study to integrate research on contentious politics, evaluate current theories, and develop research programs that may lead to better explanations. An attempt will be made to identify causes of conflict that appear to recur in cases separated by time, geographic region, regime type, and form of contention. At the institute, scholars from sociology, political science, social psychology, anthropology, history, and geography will examine case histories and explore theoretical synthesis across these various limiting boundaries. There will be a comparison made between diverse literatures on social movements, revolutions, ethnic conflicts, democratization, and other forms of dispute.

Participants will apply theory and models to case studies of conflict in diverse times and places and will design original programs of inquiry. They will discuss their own work with other participants and will be encouraged to expand their research in interdisciplinary directions. An important objective of the institute is to help younger scholars develop promising research projects and to sharpen the teaching and research skills of those with interests in policy and practice.


* All applicants must hold a doctoral degree
* Young scholars 35 and under, or up to seven years postdoctorate
* Minority scholars
* Scholars in a wider age range who are affiliated with four-year colleges, with colleges and universities attended predominately by minority students, or with regional universities
* Applicants will be asked to explain the reasons for their interest in the institute or the relevance of the topic to their scholarly research


Summer scholars will receive a cost-of-living and travel allowance of $4,700.

Deadline January 7, 2000 Completed application forms must be received this date.

Application and for more information

Application and letters of reference forms are available in 1252 Murphy Hall, UCLA

Completed applications must include

* An application form
* Curriculum vitae and list of publications
* Three (3) letters of reference from persons who know you and your work
* Description on a separate page of the relation between the described content of the institute and your special interests

Please return the completed application to
Robert A. Scott,
Associate Director Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
75 Alta Road
Stanford, CA 94305

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