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Korean Language Training Fellowship

The Korea Foundation (KF)


Fellowship for Korean Language Training is designed to enhance competency in Korean language among overseas Korean Studies scholars, graduate students and professionals in Korea-related fields, by providing an opportunity to undertake intensive language training in a Korean language program at the leading universities in Korea.

Targeted Fields

Those majoring in liberal arts or social sciences, or serving in cultural/artistic professions that are related to Korea or/and Korean Studies are welcome to apply. (Applicants majoring in the natural sciences, medicine, or engineering are not eligible.)


  • Graduate students who are majoring or minoring in Korea-related subjects for master's or doctoral degrees
  • Faculty members and researchers who are engaged in teaching or research activities at universities or research institutes
  • Professionals who are in a cultural/artistic profession related to Korea (e.g., museum curators, librarians, government officials in charge of Korean affairs, etc.)

[ Notes ]
Applicants must have a basic knowledge of and an ability to communicate in the Korean language (intermediate level preferred).

For Korean nationals, only those with foreign residency status are eligible to apply.

Number of fellows varies based on the Foundation's annual plan.


Master's degree and below: 900,000 Won

Doctoral candidates and above: 1,100,000 Won
Settling-in Allowance : 300,000 Won (one-time benefit)

Tuition for Korean Language Course

Travellers' Insurance : Reimbursement for medical expenses incurred due to illness or accidents in Korea during the grant period.
[ Notes ] Individual fellows are responsible for their own round-trip airfare.


July 31, in the year prior to the start of the fellowship year being applied for, along with the required additional materials. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Application and for more information

Each institution may recommend one candidate for each fellowship program.

The following materials must be submitted to the Foundation

* Completed application form (Foundation form)
* Curriculum vitae (your own form)
* Two letters of recommendation o One from the head of the applicant's respective organization (e.g., chairperson of the department, advisor professor, etc.) o One from a Korean language instructor: professor or instructor of Korean language who is able to evaluate the applicant's language proficiency
* Certificate of most recent academic degree
* Evidence of current employment or enrollment at an institution
* Undergraduate or graduate school transcripts
* Evidence of language proficiency (certificate issued by the language institute, etc.) In case application forms are not available, please contact the Foundation office with the following information: Academic major; Korean language ability and previous study of Korean

For complete guideline and application information please contact the number and address below

UCLA Center for Korean Studies
11282 Bunche Hall, UCLA
Tel: (310) 825-3284

Asia Institute