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UC Consortium for Language and Teaching Program

UC Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching


Program Summary:

Under the direction of Professor Robert Blake (UC Davis), the UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching is a system-wide initiative designed to make the most effective use of UC's vast linguistic resources and expertise at a time when foreign language enrollments are increasing dramatically. The consortium fosters collaboration among and across the language programs at the UC campuses with an eye to increasing student access to language study through a combination of the best classroom practices, technological enhancements and EAP programs.

The Consortium seeks proposals offering innovative approaches that combine second language acquisition research and practice and maximize the benefits to students and to programs system-wide. Accordingly, proposals must demonstrate the potential to impact the teaching and learning of language across the UC system.  The Consortium will also support projects committed to outreach (K-12, state/community college systems). Planning meetings will also be considered.

The Consortium grants program will fund projects (a limited number) up to a maximum of $20,000.


UC Senate and non-Senate faculty from all UC language departments are eligible to receive funding from the Consortium. The principal investigator must have an active, central role in the project. Graduate Assistants may not be the principal investigator.

Applicants seeking renewal for projects previously funded by the Consortium must submit a progress report as part of the new application.


Deadline for Receipt of Submissions February 15, 2008
Notification of Award Late March 2008
Tenure of Grant July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009

For grant application & submission information, please visit the UC Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching website 

For more info please contact:
Kathleen Dillon
(530) 752-2719

Asia Institute