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IFUW Women Fellowship

The International Federation of University Women


IFUW fellowships and grants are open only to women graduates who are members of the International Federation. The awards are intended to help finance short graduate and post-graduate study, research and training projects and to serve as complementary funds for longer programmes. The number distributed varies between 15 and 25 per competition. Those generally offered include:

British Federation Crosby Hall Fellowship - 2 500 pounds sterling
CFUW/A. Vibert Douglas International Fellowship - 12 000 Canadian dollars
Ida Smedley Maclean International Fellowship - 8 000 to 10 000 Swiss francs
IFUW Study and Action Programme Fellowship - 8 000 to 10 000 Swiss francs
NZFWG/Daphne Purves Grants - 3000 to 6000 Swiss francs
Winifred Cullis and Dorothy Leet Grants - 3 000 to 6 000 Swiss francs
The British Federation Crosby Hall Fellowship, offered by the BFWG Charitable Foundation, is reserved for women wishing to study or undertake research in Great Britain. The CFUW/A. Vibert Douglas Fellowship is sponsored by the Canadian Federation of University Women for use in Canada or abroad. The NZFGW awards are sponsored by the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women. The IFUW Study and Action Programme Fellowship is reserved for projects which relate to IFUW's triennial theme. The SAAP theme for the 2005/2006 competition will be announced closer to the date.

Fellowships are meant to encourage advanced scholarship and original research by university women. Applicants must be well started on the research programme to which the application refers. Fellowships are intended to cover at least eight months of work, and should be taken up within 9 months of the date of award. They are not normally given for a Masters or for the first year of a PhD programme.

The Winifred Cullis and Dorothy Leet Grants are given to help women graduates to obtain specialized training and to carry out independent research, including the completion of a piece of research already well advanced. The amount of the grant is to cover a short period of not less than two months. Special consideration is given to applicants whose research or training will have a multiplier effect in their home country. The Dorothy Leet Grants are reserved for women graduates from countries with a comparatively low per capita income and those who either wish to work as experts in these countries or whose research is of value to such countries.


All applicants must be women graduates and either a member of one of IFUW’s 77 national federations and associations or, if living in a country where there is not yet a national affiliate, an independent member of IFUW, or an international individual member of IFUW.

Fellowships and grants are for work in any branch of learning, in the country of the applicant’s choice.
Awards are for study/research/training at the doctoral or post-doctoral level. A limited number of awards will be given for work at the Masters' level.
All candidates must have obtained admission to the proposed place of study prior to applying to IFUW’s competition. An official letter of acceptance must accompany the application.
The awards provide a maximum of twelve months support and are not renewable.
No assistance is given for travel to conferences or direct family support.

Application Procedure

IFUW's next competition will offer awards for the 2008/2009 academic year. Application materials will be available beginning in March 2007.  Deadlines for members applying through one of IFUW's 77 national affiliates vary by country, but will normally fall between 1 September and 1 October.

Members of IFUW’s 77 national federations and associations must obtain the application package from and apply through their respective national headquarters. See the NFA section for addresses. The preliminary screening for national members will take place at the national level. Each federation and association may choose up to three candidates for consideration in the final selection round.

IFUW Independent Members and International Individual Members must apply direct to IFUW Headquarters in Geneva, where the preliminary screening for individual members will take place.

Application deadline

The 2005/2006 competition has already closed. The next one will offer awards for the 2008/2009academic year. Application packages will be available beginning in March 2007.

The 2005/2006 competition, the application deadline for independent members and international individual members was 1 November 2004. Deadlines for members applying through one of IFUW's 77 national affiliates vary by country..

Selection Criteria

Motivation for research, study or training
Originality and feasibility of proposed plan of research/study/training
Extent to which the specialized knowledge and skills to be acquired will benefit others or further the applicant’s career
Planned work or activity after completion of the research/study/training
Preference will be given to candidates whose research, study or training is to be undertaken in a country other than the one in which the applicant received her education or in which she habitually resides.
Special consideration will be given to proposals which relate directly to IFUW’s priorities.

For complete guideline and application information please refer to:

IFUW Headquarters
8 rue de l'Ancien-Port
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Fax: (41.22) 738 04 40
Tel: (41.22) 731 23 80

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