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MMMF Grants for 2005-2006

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund


The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund was established in 1981 to honor the late Margaret McNamara. The purpose of the grant is to support the education of women from developing countries who are committed to improving the lives of women and children in a developing country. Previous grant recipients studied agriculture, architecture and urban planning, civil engineering, education, forestry, journalism, nursing, nutrition, pediatrics, public administration, public health, social sciences and social work.

The MMMF awards about six grants of approximately $11,000; grants are not renewable. Application forms for grants for the 2005/2006 academic year will be available from September 2004 until January 31, 2005. The deadline for completed applications is midnight, February 1, 2005. The MMMF will announce the recipients by May 1, 2005. Grant payments will be made directly to the recipients' institution about June 1, 2005. Grants may not be used to repay debts or loans.


1. If an MMMF grant recipient receives a grant from the World Bank Graduate Scholarship program in the same calendar year she receives an MMMF grant, her MMMF grant shall be rescinded.

2. The MMMF expects the grant recipients to return to their home countries or another developing country within approximately two years after receiving their grants and then to perform at least two years of service in her country or another developing country. As a condition of the grant, the recipient will agree to make a contribution to the MMMF of the full amount of her grant if :

a. the recipient does not return to her country or another developing country within 30 months of receiving the MMMF grant, or after completing her studies in the US/Canada,
b. does not complete the two years of service within 54 months of receiving the MMMF grant or after completing her studies in the US/Canada.

Grant funds that are used for expenses that are not required for enrollment (e.g. room, board, travel research, child care, etc.) are generally subject to US/Canada tax and income tax withholding, even for non-US/Canada nationals. Only tuition and related expenses (e.g. tuition, required fees, books, supplies, etc.) are exempt from US/Canada tax and withholding. The tax treatment of grant funds may be affected by the terms of a tax treaty between the recipient's home country an the United States/Canada. For your specific tax responsibility, contact your advisor or our institution's financial office.


A woman may apply for a MMMF grant if she meets all the following criteria:
1. She must have a record of service to women and/or children in her country.
2. She must reside in the U.S. or Canada at the time she submits the application.
3. She must be enrolled at an accredited U.S. or Canadian educational institution by September 2004 and remain enrolled during the entire year of the grant.
4. She must use the grant to continue to study for her degree.
5. She must be a national of a developing country that is currently eligible to borrow from the World Bank and cannot be a U.S. Green Card holder or Canadian immigrant ( Refer to Country Eligibility.doc below)
6. She must intend to return to a developing country in about two years.
7. She must demonstrate financial need.
8. She must be at least 25 years old by December 31, 2004.
9. She must not be related to any World Bank Group staff member or his or her spouse.


The completed application must be sent by midnight, February 1, 2005. Recipients will be notified on or about April 30, 2005. If you have not heard by May 15, 2005, your application has not been successful.


Please remember that in addition to submitting your application online, the following items must be mailed together in a sealed envelope to the MMMF, postmarked by February 1, 2005:

Transcript and Fall 2004 Registration
Two (2) recommendation letters
Official estimate of expenses for foreign students
One (1) passport-size photograph
Copy of your Visa and I-20

The following are required for a complete application:

1. Application form.
2. Personal Statement Form
3. Your most recent transcripts (available from the Registrar's Office) plus a copy of your Fall 2004 registration.
4. Official estimate of expenses for foreign students (available from the Foreign Student Advisor or Financial Aid of your institution).
5. A passport-size photograph .
6. Two recommendation forms in sealed envelopes. Completed recommendations must be returned to you in sealed envelopes. Additional recommendations will be discarded.
7. Copy of VIsa and I-20

For more information and downloading an application form

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund
1818 H Street, NW, MSN H2-204
Washington DC 20433
Phone: 01-202-473-8751
Fax: 01-202-522-3142

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