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Teaching English in Japan

Earlham College

Program Summary

The Teaching English in Japan Program (TEIJ), coordinated by the Institute for Education on Japan at Earlham College, offers participants an opportunity to serve in a Japanese community as an Assistant English Teacher, promoting international understanding and supporting English language instruction in Japanese schools. Well-qualified college graduates are nominated for two-year assignments to work in schools. The employers then make final decisions with respect to employment. In most cases, participants also do community work outside of the schools. Participants in the program endeavor to become part of the everyday flow of events and activities in their school and community setting, and to understand the larger issues of living in Japanese society.


  • Application to the Teaching English in Japan Program is open to any B.A./B.S. graduate of a four-year college.
  • Applicants must be native speakers of English.
  • Prior experience living in Japan, or other foreign countries, is an asset, but not a prerequisite.
  • Cultural sensitivity, flexibility, and an ability to take initiative in serving the educational needs of Japanese young people and adults in a local community are necessary attributes of successful participants. The program offers opportunities for service where personal commitment can gain meaningful expression.
  • Completion of at least two semesters or an intensive course of Japanese language is usually adequate. Continued study of Japanese during the two-year period is expected.
  • An ability to meet new situations and demanding professional tasks positively and flexibly is a key criterion for selection. A record of strong academic performance in college is important.


Salaries and benefits vary depending on the placement. In the majority of sites, monthly salaries and additional bonuses, are comparable to the starting salaries of Japanese educators holding teaching certification credentials. In addition, housing is provided free of charge by the employer. In several sites where housing is not provided, compensation is adjusted appropriately. Program participants are eligible for Japanese National Health Insurance which provides affordable comprehensive medical coverage in Japan. Round trip travel from the United States to the appointment sites is also provided by the employer.


There are no formal deadlines, applicants are strongly urged to apply between September and January. Decisions on placements are made 6-12 months in advance.


Applicants should submit a completed application form, personal essay, three letters of recommendation, a current resume, and an official transcript of college level education. All application materials should be sent in one package. Confidential letters of recommendation can be submitted in sealed envelopes. Once these materials have been reviewed, some applicants will be contacted regarding arrangements for interviews with the program staff at Earlham College. During the interview period, the Institute for Education on Japan will provide lodging and meals.

Contact Earlham for an application by filling out the form below, or download the electronic version

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