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CET Academic Programs:Vietnam Immersion

CET Academic Programs

CET’s Vietnam Immersion is an intensive program designed for all students with an interest in Vietnamese Language & Vietnamese Studies. Offering the exciting opportunity to experience  the cultures of the north and the south, the program takes fall and spring term students to both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to engage in Vietnamese language and Vietnamese Studies.

Vietnam Immersion includes a four-week language module in Hanoi, a week-long study tour, and a twelve-week module in Ho Chi Minh City. Like CET’s January Term, the first module of the Vietnam Immersion includes four weeks of intensive language study (up to 25 hours each week). Students are based in Hanoi, the home of standard Vietnamese. These classes (offered at three levels) include small group classes, one-on-one tutorials, and structured "practica" to local sites of interest.

Following the study tour, students move south to begin their Ho Chi Minh City module. Classes include continued Vietnamese study, a required seminar that surveys contemporary Vietnam, a required independent study course, and one other Vietnamese Studies class. This class may include Modern Vietnamese History, The War with America, Vietnam’s Economic Development, and Vietnamese Minorities. All courses are taught in English by American or Vietnamese faculty. There is no language prerequisite for the program.

The program operates each spring, summer, and fall term, beginning in spring 2001. For more information please visit

Asia Institute