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"UCLA Today" Features International Institute StafferPhoto by Reed Hutchinson.

"UCLA Today" Features International Institute Staffer

New feature on faculty and staff hobbies takes a look at Leslie Evans' period miniature German dollhouse.

The January 19 issue of "UCLA Today" features an article in its new "After Hours" series on International Institute website and publications manager Leslie Evans for his long-time hobby of building realistic miniatures in dollhouse scale. Leslie's main project over the last fifteen years has been the construction of a 14 room dollhouse loosely modeled on the Altes Haus in Bacharach am Rhein built in 1368. Here is a link to the "UCLA Today" article: After Hours - The Miniaturist.

Leslie has also put up a set of photos of his dollhouse on his own website so people who have not seen it can get a look:  Leslie's Dollhouse.

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