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NEPAL: There is no control on the press says Tanka Dhakal

Minister Dhakal says that the government does not impose restrictions on the media but only on writings that encourage terrorism

Nepal News
Saturday, March 5, 2005

AsiaMedia Editor's Note: Nepalnews is operating under the directives of King Gyanendra, and thus cannot publish anything "that goes agains the letter and spirit of the Royal Proclamation."

Kathmandu -- Minister for Information and Communications, Tanka Dhakal, has said the government hasn’t imposed any kind of control on the Nepali media.

Talking to reporters in the mid-western town of Nepalgunj Friday, Minister Dhakal, who is also the spokesman of the government, said the press was free to write anything except those that encourage terrorism.

He did not elaborate.

The minister said people from all walks of life in the country should cooperate the government “for the sustainable development of democracy.”

It is but an indispensable duty of every Nepali to move forward by keeping the country, nationalism, crown and Nepali people into focus, he added.

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