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May 26 Seminar: Eunyoung Ha

Associate Fellow, Eunyoung Ha will discuss her paper, "Globalization, Veto Players, and Welfare Spending."


This paper examines the role of globalization and its interaction with domestic political institutions (veto players) in shaping welfare spending in seventeen advanced industrial countries from 1966 to 1994. My argument is that although globalization forces states to reduce welfare spending, the states’ ability to do so decreases when there are more veto players that can change the status quo in domestic political institutions. My findings indicate that globalization, measured by trade and capital openness, pressured states to reduce their welfare spending. However, the extent to which a state responded to these pressures depended critically on the number of veto players whose agreement was required to put welfare reform into effect.


Download File: Eunyoung Ha paper(GF).pdf

UCLA International Institute