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SINGAPORE: Nude blog photos draw foreign attention

Singaporean rapped for posting nude self portraits on her public blog; some bloggers say media coverage only adds to impropriety

The Straits Times
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

By Melissa Lwee

Foreigners have joined local bloggers in discussing The Straits Times' report of the 19-year-old Singaporean girl who posted nude pictures of herself on her blog.

Some bloggers have said that there is nothing wrong with posting nude pictures online at by the girl who is known only as Sarong Party Girl.

Mr Lee Kin Mun, 35, who writes under the moniker Mr Brown ( said the online outcry put unnecessary focus on what the girl did.

"The general response from the blogging community is, 'What's the big deal? What's all this fuss over a pair of Singapore breasts?'"

Some, like student Lee Xueling, 21, thought otherwise.

She said: "I don't think the media was wrong to report this. She blogged about it and there was no attempt to keep her blog private. It's obvious her blog has a wide readership so this was effectively a public post. She merely got even more attention that she usually does."

However, forums like have seen discussions frowning upon the girl's actions.

Since the story appeared, 90 comments have appeared on which was among the first blogs to highlight her nude picture.

Foreign blogs have carried comments too.

Foreign news sites like the Taipei Times ( and the Sydney Morning Herald ( have picked up the news item.

Malaysian bloggers also reacted after Malaysian newspaper The Star ( reported on Sarong Party Girl.

Mr Kenny Sia (, 23, did a photo parodying Sarong Party Girl's shots in a show of support.

He said: "By making fun of the situation, I just want to tell people not to take the whole issue so seriously."

Though she is posing nude, most lawyers said she is probably not breaking any obscenity law.

The girl, who doesn't want to be named but calls herself an "exhibitionist", tells The Straits Times that she is gunning for a book deal.