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PAKISTAN: Role of media highlighted in human development

Journalists at NCHD seminar agree that role of media is vital to human development issues

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thatta --- A seminar on the ‘role of media in human development’ called for coordinative volunteer services of media people to yield better results of the governmental and non-governmental welfare schemes and efforts. The seminar was organised by the National Volunteer Core of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) held at the local press club on Wednesday.

Writer Dr Mohammad Ali Manjhi, Mehboob Brohi, Yar Mohammad Jalalani, Hafiz Mushtaq, Khuda Bux Brohi and others spoke on the occasion.

Speakers, most of them were journalists, were unanimous in their views that merely publishing activities of NGOs in newspapers was not enough but at least a part time involvement of media concerns to coordinate, help, monitor and motive a lot of still rigid population of rural areas and convince them to send their female children to schools and do not hesitate in availing health facilities in basic health units for their female was still a big task to achieve.

Speakers admitted that within a decade in prevailing and fast changing priorities of this material world the values of society, sincerity and affection with the land have been changed. The national conception was gradually vanishing and become a theory of past.

Man revolves around his personal agenda and a majority of those striving for the welfare of general population were also playing a puppet show. Such an environment has made even the true and sincere services of dedicated people suspicious.

Naming Abdul Sattar Edhi and others, speakers said these names still retain their position amongst the masses. In the field of media, the electronic and print, a majority could be seen indulged in encashing their capacities, but still the truth is held high.

NCHD general manag Mr Mehfooz Bhatti in his winding up speech pledged to get materialize the ideas.