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Japanese Studies Visiting Research Scholar Fellowship 2007-2008

International Research Center for Japanese Studies

Program Overview

The International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Kyoto, Japan) is pleased to announce an opening for a foreign scholar to reside at the Center and participate during the Japanese academic year 2007-2008 in the following team research project:

Tradition and creation of Yokai – culture in Japan

This is a continuation of a former research project conducted under the theme, “Interdisciplinary Research on the Historical Formation and Transition of Horror Culture in Japan.”  There we focused on the horror, strange phenomena, monsters and ghosts represented in narratives and art from the ancient to modern periods, and studied how their depiction has transformed.  To further our analysis, we will look more closely at visual materials, such as Zegaibô emaki and Tsukumogami emaki in which supernatural beings are the central characters.  We will also examine the historical and social background of literature, picture books and performing arts that follow these original sources, and think about their influence on anime, comics and other cultural productions today.


For this fellowship, we especially welcome applications from younger scholars. The position is open with regard to discipline, and applicants need not be specialists of Japan; indeed, those able to offer comparative perspectives are especially welcome. However, discussions and presentations will be in Japanese, so knowledge of the language would be distinctly preferable. Most importantly, applicants should:

-display evidence of prior research and publications directly related to the above research project. And
-have a Ph.D. (or equivalent) and an academic position by the time of application.
*The fellowship is not open to Japanese nationals.

Duration and Stipend

The fellow is expected to arrive in Kyoto someday between April 1 and October 3l, 2007; the fellowship runs from your arrival until March 31, 2008. The fellow will be given roundtrip economy airfare, paid a monthly stipend each month roughly equivalent to that of Center faculty of similar age and experience, and enjoy the library, research, and other privileges of faculty at the Center.

Application Deadline

June 30, 2006.

Application forms may be obtained by writing to:

Research Support Section
Research Cooperation Division
International Research Center for Japanese Studies
3-2 Oeyama-cho, Goryo Nishikyo-ku
Kyoto 610-1192, JAPAN
Tel : +81-75-335-2044
Fax : +81-75-335-2092

Alternatively, the application form may be downloaded from here as a PDF file (16KB) the Center website:

Questions regarding the details of the research project may be sent to Professor Heita KAWAKATSU at the Center address, by e-mail at

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