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Student Quotes on Studying Abroad

Want to know what past UCLA student have said about EAP?

Here is a sampling of comments from across the decades:

Commenting on being on EAP on and after September 11, 2001:

"For our generation, I believe this crisis will largely define what it means to be an American. And towards that understanding every current exchange student, myself included, has been given the unique opportunity to not only feel all the different emotions that Americans are going through, but also to interact with people from different countries and discover what their nationality means to them. I have found this added dimension to be the most rewarding part of studying abroad, and would not trade it for the world.

"As for the issue of safety, I have flown several times since September 11th, and the increased security has been quite comforting. I have also found that if anything people are more receptive to Americans as they understand what we are all going through personally and collectively, in fact many are going through similar emotions themselves. My Japanese friends cried just as I cried.

"If you are interested in studying abroad, then study abroad. Of course I could write about how wonderful and enriching studying abroad is, but you've heard it all before. If you choose not to participate, don't do so because you are afraid. You will regret it I assure you.
- Hudson Hamilton, UC Los Angeles
Sophia University, Tokyo, 2001-2002

"I had the opportunity to discover a new culture, a new system of education, and a new perspective on our ever-changing world. The result was life changing."
- Mary Stiefvater, UC Los Angeles
Paris Center for Critical Studies, 1997-98

"My time at St. Andrews (Scotland) led to my decision to seek an International MBA program at Wharton and the Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies. While my graduate experience was very fulfilling and rewarding, I link it all back to that blustery, gray, and wonderful year that introduced me to new perspectives on life, world affairs, international careers and myself."
- Michael Chavez, UC Los Angeles
University of St. Andrews, 1986-1987

"EAP gave me a chance not just to visit another culture but to live in it, be a part of it, assimilate myself to it. This was the most significant experience of my life for coming to grips with the world and my place in it as an American."
- Gordon Lindeen, UC Los Angeles
Lund University, 1982-83

"My junior year abroad in Mexico City was the pivotal point in my life. It was during that time when I experienced greatest personal growth, and it affected my ultimate career choice: that of a university Spanish professor. Before going to Mexico, I felt very awkward in the language. My year abroad changed all that."
- Mary Docter, UC Los Angeles
National Autonomous University of Mexico, 1979-80

"My junior year in Spain was the first step on the road that has lead me to my career in the press and cultural sector of the U.S. Foreign Service. I feel deeply indebted to the program director, the administrative and teaching staffs, and my fellow students for making the rest of the world so interesting for me."
- David Bustamante, UC Los Angeles
Complutense University of Madrid, 1974-75

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