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Reflections of Education Abroad Program Study

Education 142

“Reflections of Education Abroad Program Study” offers an opportunity for Returning EAP students to reflect on their recent study abroad experience and for EAP Reciprocity students to reflect on the study abroad experiences that you are currently having. Developed by the UCLA EAP Faculty Director Val Rust, with the help of the EAP staff, this course allows those of you who are EAP Returnees and EAP Reciprocity students to serve as interns as well as engage in academic work related to study abroad.

One of the program's main intentions is to provide you with field experiences related to study abroad. Each week you will engage in 2-3 hours of service work. Service experiences include such activities as serving as a peer counselor in the EAP office, providing EAP outreach to UCLA students on campus outdoors, and/or giving EAP promotional presentations to classes on campus or in the dormitories.

During class time, you will participate in a set of discussions with EAP-experienced classmates--students from the U.S. and abroad who have had or are currently having a study abroad experience. Discussions are based on the selected readings, related to study abroad and international education. These interactions will further enhance your study abroad experience and expand your international perspective.

To enroll (1) fill out the following form as either a PDF or Word document; (2) send it to the EAP Office; (3) the EAP Office staff will send you a PTE number. In order to maintain the quality of the field practice and small group discussions, space has been limited.

We would like to invite you to enroll in Education 142 and look forward to working with you in the program.

Education Abroad Program