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Outreach to Precollegiate Teachers, Students and SchoolsLos Angeles teachers at UCLA International Institute Summer Institute

Outreach to Precollegiate Teachers, Students and Schools

Listed below are the main components of the UCLA International Institute's precollegiate teacher training programs.

By Jonathan Friedlander

Professional Development

The Institute offers teachers the following opportunities to expand and enrich their knowledge base, gain critical academic perspectives, and access instructional and curriculum materials that can enhance instruction and scholarly pursuits in international studies.

Intensive Summer Workshops

These workshops provide essential background knowledge about and awareness of critical issues related to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as thematic and comparative perspectives on globalization and the U.S. and the world. Encompassing 60 contact hours each, these accredited standards-based workshops combine interdisciplinary approaches and curriculum development.

Teachers who complete three or more of the intensive summer workshop are eligible to enroll in a Certificate of Excellence program sponsored by the Institute.

Teachers As Scholars Seminar Program

Reconnects teachers to the world of academia and life-long learning by fostering discussions with university professors based on readings across the disciplines. These 4-day seminars, held over the duration of an academic quarter, require release time from classroom duties. TAS-UCLA is part of a prestigious national program sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Topics include The End of Childhood, Literature of the Francophone World, Sacred Foods: Understanding Religion and Culture, and The Practice, Politics, and Poetry of Maps.

Special Topic Forums

International human rights and the classroom is one of several educational and professional forums designed to familiarize teachers with specific issues they encounter in the curriculum and the classroom. This accredited program, held over a period of two consecutive Saturdays, examines historical, ethical, and legal issues related to children’s rights and provides access to materials and organizations.

School-Site Initiatives

A range of activities includes classroom presentations and curriculum development in-services by teams of scholars and educators from UCLA, using multimedia resources to enrich instruction, and promoting higher education and international careers. This initiative and collaboration extends to both neighborhood and inner-city schools as well as international and global studies magnet schools. Asia Institute seminars are a good example of these efforts.

Overseas Training Programs

Teachers affiliated with the UCLA International Institute and at large can apply for overseas professional development opportunities sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and private foundations. In 2003 UCLA took 17 teachers to South Korea and Japan. In 2004, we're headed to China and Japan.

Educational Technology

The Institute is actively promoting the development of online resources for Asia (see Asia in the K-12 Curriculum and Resources), and has assisted PBS in the creation of the Global Connections website ( It has pioneered the application of new media technologies in the classroom, and is currently developing a National K-12 outreach meta website which will bring to focus and provide easy online access to a host of exemplary educational materials, professional development programs, and expert consultants available through the some 190 university-based and federally designate centers of excellence for international and area studies, foreign languages, and global business.


The Institute sponsors the annual UCLA Model UN Conference and collaborates with the UCLA History-Geography Subject Matter Project; University Education Extension; the California International Studies Project; the national area studies outreach councils presenting Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East; Global Learning Outreach; and the Coalition for International Education.

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