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Your Major and EAP

Relevent programmatic information regarding your major and EAP.

Why Study Abroad

Learning and living in another country can be life changing, and will provide you with international experiences that are essential in today's global environment. Studying abroad will also help you develop skills that are critical to your future career.

Consider your value to an employer or a graduate program if you've:

  • Participated in a different educational system and gained a new cultural perspective
  • Increased your proficiency in another language
  • Improved your critical thinking skills
  • Expanded your worldview by experiencing another culture firsthand
  • Developed self-confidence and independence
  • Prepared for a career in an internationally competitive world
  • Enhanced resumes and/or applications for graduate school

When to Study Abroad

Study abroad programs are available at all class levels. The particular quarter, semester, summer or year that you study abroad depends on your individual progress in the major, what coursework you plan to complete abroad, and your immediate plans after graduation. Consult with your major advisor to determine the best time period for your study abroad experience.

Where to go

The EAP offers intensive language and culture programs, as well as a wide variety of regular host university courses. The best way to choose is to look over the options and consult with your UCLA Education Abroad Program counselor and your major advisor.

What classes to take

All classes taken on the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) are UC approved courses and count toward your 180 unit requirement for graduation; however, your major has the final authority to determine how the coursework is used to fulfill specific major requirements.

Courses are approved on a case by case basis. Before going abroad, students should discuss with the department advisor which EAP courses the department will approve for credit toward a major or minor.Students can often make changes to their study plan once they arrive in their country of choice, but should consult with the undergraduate staff advisor by e-mail first.

Ultimately, requirements and potential application of coursework toward Gen Ed requirement completion will be determined after students return and courses are evaluated for unit and level (Lower Division vs. Upper Division) credits. Students should make a point of checking in with their counselor to be aware of potential requirements they are missing and to stay on track with progress of degree requirements.

Education Abroad Program