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Safety and Study Abroad

Many EAP students and their families have concerns about how safe or healthy they will be while living and traveling overseas.

Education abroad does involve risk and no program can guarantee the security and health of its participants. Do rest assured that EAP takes very seriously its responsibility to provide a secure and unthreatening environment in which your daughter or son can live and learn safely. All EAP participants have mandatory health insurance coverage while abroad.

In turn, EAP students are expected to do their part to ensure their welfare. Parents, guardians, and families can play a helpful role in the health and safety of EAP students by helping them make decisions and carefully consider consequences of their behavior while overseas. Parents can help by discussing safety and health issues, including insurance and emergency procedures, with the EAP participant prior to departure.

The following links provide parents and students with information that may be helpful in educating themselves about EAP's efforts to provide a safe study abroad experience and about how to minimize the health and safety risks of international travel:

Education Abroad Program