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Editors' Foreword

Olga Kagan and Kathleen Dillon

The term "heritage" over the course of the past few years has achieved entry into the register of commonly accepted terms among language educators. After two national conferences, a conference at UCLA dedicated to the development of a research agenda, institutes, panels, workshops, etc. it is clear that the heritage language acquisition field is firmly established and needs its own voice. We hope that this online journal will provide a forum for presentation, discussion, and evaluation of research and practice for instructors of all languages.

We wish to express our appreciation to all those colleagues who submitted manuscripts for this first edition of the Heritage Language Journal. The range and quality of the submissions testifies to the expanding interest in this field.

We are grateful to all the reviewers who provided timely and thoughtful feedback for each article and to the members of the Editorial Board who have supported the journal since its conception with enthusiasm and valuable advice and assistance. We owe a debt of gratitude especially to Geoffrey Garrett, Vice Provost for the UCLA International Institute for providing space on the ISOP server as well as financial support. Finally, we wish to thank the UC Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching and the Department of Linguistics at University of California, San Diego for their financial contribution to this debut issue.

The Heritage Language Journal is now accepting submissions for the next issue.

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