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CCGR Request for Proposals: Working Groups 2003-2004

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS For 2003-04 Working Groups Proposal Deadline: April 15, 2003

By Leah Halvorson

The Center for Comparative and Global Research (CCGR), housed under the auspices of UCLA’s International Institute, seeks proposals from members of the UCLA Academic Senate to convene one- or two-year Working Groups, to begin fall 2003. The primary purpose of CCGR Working Groups is to provide a setting for multidisciplinary dialogue among faculty who would otherwise not regularly interact. CCGR is interested in sponsoring groups that will explore particular topics or problems and that will advance social science knowledge. Topics may be international and/or comparative in their orientation, but should not be limited to single regions of the globe except with unusual justification.

CCGR Working Groups typically have 10-20 members, and meet in daylong sessions on a quarterly basis for one or two academic years. It is expected that Working Groups have a strong UCLA and UC-component, but conveners are free to invite those persons they deem most appropriate as participants. Some advanced graduate students from UCLA and other UC campuses who are working in the area of the Group’s focus must be included. Groups are convened by two social scientists from different disciplines. Social science faculty who are located in professional schools are eligible to apply as conveners, as well to be included as participants. Conveners are free to structure the meetings of their Groups as they deem most appropriate and useful. Some possibilities include commentary and discussions of research papers by members, presentations of material by outside speakers, and open group discussion on the basis of working memos or briefs.

Proposals should consist of a brief (1,000 word) written statement regarding the Group’s intellectual and disciplinary foci; the intellectual problems the Group will investigate; the names, affiliations and c.v. of the two conveners (both of whom must have agreed to participate); a list of possible Group members and their affiliations (these persons do not have to have agreed in advance to participate); and some indication of the procedures that conveners will use to solicit graduate student participation. A one-page budget should also be included.

Two Working Groups will be selected by the CCGR Advisory Board on the basis of the proposals received. The maximum amount that will be approved for a single academic year is $15,000. Proposed budget items are limited to direct operating expenses, and may not include summer salary or research support for participants or conveners. Logistical and staff support will be handled by CCGR.

For more information, see the CCGR website at, which also contains information on previous Working Groups sponsored by CCGR. Questions may be directed to the CCGR Director, Professor Miriam Golden (, the CCGR Associate Director, Professor Jean-Laurent Rosenthal ( or the Chair of the CCGR Advisory Board, Professor William Summerhill (

Proposals are due no later than 5:00 pm PDT on April 15, 2003. Electronic submissions are encouraged.

Submissions should be directed to:

Center for Comparative and Global Research (CCGR)
11343 Bunche Hall
Box 148603
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1486
tel: (310) 825-4921
fax: (310) 206-3555

Center for Comparative and Global Research