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Reader Wants BHL to Address Likud Policy, World Opinion

letter to the editor

Your report on Bernard Henri Lévy's warning on anti-Semitism (April 14, 2006) highlights the fact that he offers no defence to the extremely serious allegations that 1) the AIPAC lobby exerts undue influence on U.S. foreign policy and 2) that pro-Israel supporters use the history of the Holocaust to stifle any criticism of Israel's disproportionate policy of brutalizing the former indigenous population of Palestine.

As a Jewish, post-graduate, masters student in London on Modern Jewish History, I am acutely aware of the rise in anti-semitic rhetoric not only on campuses around the world but also among those who previously supported the Jewish state. There is little doubt that the arrogance of the previous Likud administration in disregarding world opinion has inculcated animosity throughout the world to the frightening extent that there are now many who question the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

Perhaps BHL could address these specific issues directly.

Michael Halpern
London, UK

Center for European and Eurasian Studies