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Migration: A Summer Institute For Educators

Held August 7 – August 11, 2006, the program is jointly sponsored by the UCLA Center for European & Eurasian Studies and the UCLA History-Geography project.

The Summer Institute, a continuation of the 2006 Scholar-Teacher Symposium Series, brings educators and UCLA scholars, led by curriculum specialist Mary Hendra (Santa Monica High School), together to focus on ethnicity, diversity and other issues in contemporary Europe.

UCLA scholars will present lectures on comparative views of democracies, related to the California History/ Social Science standards. Mary Hendra (Santa Monica High School), will be the Teacher leader for this workshop. Each lecture is followed by a presentation of classroom applications designed by a K-12 teacher. At the end of the workshop successful participants will receive a certifi cate of completion of a workshop on Migration.


Monday, August 7th

  • Migrations Out Of Spain
    Teofilo F. Ruiz, UCLA, History
    Spain: Conquest, Reconquest, and Migration

Tuesday, August 8th

  • Armenian Migration
    Richard Hovannisian, UCLA, History
    Armenian Diaspora

Wednesday, August 9th

  • European Migration
    Troy Burnett, UCLA, History
    Late 19th - 20th Century European Migration

Thursday, August 10th

  • Teachers’ Curriculum Session
    Library Visit

Friday, August 11th

  • Presentation of Curricula
    Lunch: Certificate Awards

The Summer Institute meets Monday-Friday, 9 am - 4 pm. LAUSD and UCLA Extension credit is available. For more information and free parking, call (310) 825-4060.

The UCLA History Geography Project

The UCLA History-Geography Project, since its inception in 1992, has brought together groups of educators who often work in separate worlds and professional cultures to promote social science education. As one of the sites of the California History-Social Science Project (CH-SSP), our community includes individuals from different school districts, institutional settings, disciplines, and grade levels. Our specific task has been to use the complementary fields of history and geography as the basis for building bridges between groups, which is particularly important in a city as diverse as Los Angeles. We believe strongly that a quality social science education is an integral part of a well-rounded curriculum for a successful student.

The UCLA Center For European & Eurasian Studies (CEES)

Since 1993, CEES has devoted its resources to the development of innovative research and teaching on Europe and Eurasia. CEES’s primary goal is to internationalize education, training a new generation of highly profi cient specialists in an expanding Europe. CEES programs place particular emphasis on curriculum development and ongoing training of teachers at the K-12 and post-secondary levels.

The 2006 Summer Institute is organized by the Center for European & Eurasian Studies at UCLA and supported by a Department of Education grant (Title VI), the UCLA History- Geography Project and the California Geographic Alliance at UCLA.

Center for European and Eurasian Studies