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A Who's Who of Asian Americans in arts criticismThe indomitable Ben Fong-Torres. Courtesy of

A Who's Who of Asian Americans in arts criticism

The discussion of Asian American critics/bloggers/journalists doesn't end with Jeff Chang and Oliver Wang. Here are some of the other fine folks who've stepped into the cipher -- and stayed there.

By Chi Tung

Angry Asian Man

Who he is: The world wide web's best resource for news/commentary/links on Asian and Asian American arts. Updated daily.

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Kimberly Chun

Who she is: Music editor and columnist at the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

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Peter Feng

Who he is: Film critic, essayist, and professor. Author of Identities in Motion: Asian American Film and Video.

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Hua Hsu

Who he is: Frequent contributor to Slate Magazine, the Village Voice, and The Wire.

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Michiko Kakutani

Who she is: Highly visible, hugely controversial literary critic for the New York Times. Won a Pulitzer Prize in 1998.

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Serena Kim

Who she is: Features editor at Vibe Magazine.

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Donnie Kwak

Who he is: Editor of Vibe Magazine and frequent contributor to KoreAm Journal.

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Dennis Lim

Who he is: Film editor at the Village Voice and a contributing editor to Cinema Scope.

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Marian Liu

Who she is: Music reporter/columnist for the San Jose Mercury Times.

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Sharon Mizota

Who she is: Primarily an interactive and web designer, Mizota is also the visual arts critic for the SF Weekly and a staff writer at Also married to one Oliver Wang.

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Ed Park

Who he is: Editor of The Believer Magazine and Village Voice film critic.

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Joseph Patel

Who he is: Producer of MTV News, contributor to Salon Magazine.

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Junichi Semitsu

Who he is: Cultural critic-cum-professor-cum-Dixie-Chicks-blogger. Shares a website, poplicks, with Oliver Wang.

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Ben Fong-Torres

Who he is: The benchmark for Asian American journalists. Writer and senior editor of Rolling Stone magazine back when that meant something. Wrote extensively and memorably for the San Francisco Chronicle. Memorialized in Cameron Crowe's ode to rock journalism, Almost Famous. Emmy Award-winner for co-anchoring the Chinese New Year broadcast in San Francisco on FOX.

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Jeff Yang

Who he is: Columnist for SFGate, and author of "Once Upon A Time in China: A Guide to Hong Kong, Mainland, and Taiwanese Cinema.

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