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Perspectives on 911Vice Provost Geoff Garrett, Dean Jonathan Varat and law professor Khaled About el Fadl. Photo: R. McConahay.

Perspectives on 911

As part of a campus initiative to examine the tragic events of last month, ISOP recently hosted Perspectives on September 11th, a “teach-in” that packed the Freud Playhouse on October 3.

By Jean Roth

Geoffrey Garrett, vice provost of International Studies, moderated the five-person panel which consisted of Jonathan Varat, dean of the UCLA Law School; and UCLA professors Khaled Abou el Fadl (Law), Amy Zegart (Public Policy), Marc Trachtenberg (Political Science), and Aamir Mufti (Comparative Literature). Panelists provided nsights on such issues as US foreign and security policy, civil liberties, cross-cultural relations, and Islamic law.

A week earlier on September 25, the Ronald W. Burkle Center for International Relations presented one of the first UCLA programs concerning the attacks to an over-capacity crowd at Kerchkoff Hall. A panel discussion, "The September 11th Attacks on New York and Washington and the U.S. Response” drew students, faculty and community members to listen to Michael Intriligator, director of the BCIR and expert on international security; Steven Spiegel, BCIR associate director and political science professor who specializes in the Middle East; and Tad Daley, visiting scholar at the center and former vice president of Alan Cranston’s Global Security Institute. Questions for panel members and lively discussion ensued over the question of what steps the US should or should not take to arrest global terrorism.

The BCIR cosponsored another panel discussion on October 18, teaming up with Town Hall Los Angeles to present a panel of speakers at UCLA. “Town Meeting on the Terrorist Attacks and the US Response” brought together Intriligator, Spiegel, Daley, and law professor Abou el Fadl, who is an expert on Islamic law.

Other ongoing campus events related to issues arising from the terrorist attacks have been put in motion across campus. Among them is a series of one-unit seminars offered by the College of Letters and Science. Led by faculty, staff, and campus leaders, including UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale and Vice Provost Garrett, the seminars will focus on subjects through a variety of disciplines and perspectives, ranging from political science, history and law, to literature, psychology, medicine and the arts. Carnesale will speak on National Security in the 21st century, while Garrett’s topic will be on "America as Hyperpower."

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